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After the first helmet belt, there is a new change in the electric vehicle helmet. The owner said: it's more convenient now

2021-08-28 05:00:54 Oriental Information automobile

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Now the punishment standard for electric vehicles on the road has been raised !

I used to be fined for not wearing a helmet on the road 20-50 Standard of yuan , Now the penalty for electric vehicles without helmets has been raised to 200 element , On the first day in Shenzhen 69 A rider was fined for not wearing a helmet 200 element .

This fully shows the importance of wearing helmets on the road , meanwhile , Electric car helmets have ushered in another important change , That is, shared helmets are being implemented everywhere . Many car owners have given positive support to this shared helmet , Some owners even said : It's more convenient to ride an electric car .

Under a helmet , Some car owners worry about wearing helmets

The implementation of the one helmet one belt policy 2 For years. . As the most widely implemented in the industry 、 The most stringent implementation 、 One of the most frequent regulations to investigate and deal with , Since its implementation , Remarkable results have been achieved .

In terms of road behavior : You must wear a helmet on the road , It has become the consensus of everyone , The helmet wearing rate can be said to have reached 90% above ; And in terms of traffic safety : Traffic safety has been greatly improved , According to the latest data from the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public transport : since 2021 Since wearing a helmet in , The traffic death rate of electric vehicles has decreased year-on-year 10%. But in the process of implementation , Some car owners worry about wearing helmets .

The main problem is : The helmet is not very convenient to carry . In particular, some simple electric vehicles and some over standard vehicle models . The simple electric bicycle has no trunk , So you can't put a helmet ; However, it often happens that the helmet cannot be put in because the accommodation size of the rear trunk is not large enough . And once the electric car owner gets on the road , It will be more prone to embarrassing behavior that the helmet can't be put down , In this case , Even with a helmet , It also happens that the helmet is stolen .

Start putting shared helmets in more places , The owner said : It's more convenient to ride a bike now

A new solution has been given to the inconvenient situation of electric vehicle owners carrying Helmets , That's the birth of the shared helmet , A new helmet wearing mode .

Shared helmets currently on the market , At present, two models are adopted : The first pattern , The shared helmet requires a deposit , The cost is about 50 yuan , If the user borrows the helmet and returns it within another week , You can return the deposit in full ; And another model , To borrow the shared helmet, you need to register with the police , Lend out your helmet for free , Just return it within a week .

As far as new energy strategists know : At present, many cities across the country have implemented this model of sharing Helmets , For example, Shantou 、 Xi'an 、 Nanchang and other places have begun to implement , Although there are some health disputes about sharing Helmets , But most people still hold a positive attitude , Some riders even said : It's more convenient to ride a bike now .

New energy strategists believe that : On the whole, the advantages of the implementation of shared helmets outweigh the disadvantages . First , Sharing helmets greatly facilitates the owners of electric bicycles who are not convenient to carry Helmets 、 Car owners who exceed the standard . secondly , Shared helmets are uniformly registered by local traffic police departments 、 Safekeeping , It greatly avoids the possibility of stealing Helmets . Last , The security of shared helmets is compared with those cheap helmets with only a dozen dollars , Security is more guaranteed .


Implementation from wearing helmets to sharing helmets .

It can be said to be a new change in electric car Helmets , This fully explains : Under the guidance of the one helmet one belt policy , Wearing helmets is becoming more and more standardized 、 Rationalization , In the future, the car mainly wants to go on the road without being punished , Wearing a helmet is the first thing you have to do , I hope every car mainly develops the good habit of wearing helmets on the road . meanwhile , For some owners who are inconvenient to carry Helmets , You can also use this shared helmet , Take it and use it , Wearing a helmet is more convenient , You don't have to worry anymore , And don't be afraid of being fined for wearing a helmet .

What do you think of sharing Helmets ? Do you think it's more convenient to ride with shared Helmets ? Welcome to leave a message .

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