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The consumption upgrading trend continued, and the sales volume of luxury brands increased strongly

2021-08-28 05:01:09 Oriental Information automobile

According to the association data ,2021 year 1-7 The total retail sales of domestic passenger cars reached 1144.5 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 22.9%. among , Luxury brands are based on 185.8 The cumulative sales of more than 10000 vehicles continued to maintain a strong growth , This also reflects the current consumption upgrading .

Although the repeated epidemic at home and abroad and the short-term pressure of chips have brought too many uncertain factors to the automobile market , However, domestic consumers still have strong demand for high-end exchange , This also makes the major luxury OEMs hit new highs .

among , BMW Group has set a new high in the same period over the years . The reason why BMW can win the championship , Its BMW 3 You can't do it without . The generation of G28 stay 2019 At the beginning of its release in, it was subjected to numerous Bimmer The question of , But selling well is the king . Abandoned the brand gene of sports control , More comfortable 、 More luxurious 、 The more electronic tonality makes this generation 3 The system is favored by more consumers . BMW 3 Tied to 102,618 The car's achievements contributed nearly 4 One third of sales .

It is reported that , A new generation of Beijing Benz C- class It will appear at the Chengdu auto show in the near future and be in 8 Official listing at the end of the month . The appearance and interior of the new car are similar to that of the new Mercedes Benz S Level infinite approach , Nice little S level , More luxurious . Maybe BMW 3 The Department is already shivering .

Audi terminal sales from Ingolstadt increased year-on-year 38.6% to 418188 car , Although it lags behind its old rivals Mercedes Benz and BMW in sales , But the increase is higher than that of Mercedes Benz 11%, This also means that there is still the possibility of overtaking on curves in the second half of the year . meanwhile , Audi has also completed its annual planned sales (78 Thousands of cars ) Of 53.6%.

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