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Exposure! This thing tells us why we all love Xiao Zhan?

2021-08-28 05:06:26 Oriental Information automobile

lately , The good news of Xiao Zhan spreads frequently , First the new play 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 Official announcement and filing in advance , Another is the official announcement of the new Mengjie high-end bedding endorsed by Xiao Zhan , All this came too suddenly , This makes true love xiaofeixia love it . Xiao Zhan also wrote on his microblog for the first time, saying :“ From this moment on , May you sleep well every night . Enjoy a good dream moment with Mengjie's high-end bedding .”

Some people say , Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi's new play 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 If it weren't for Wu Yifan's new play 《 Green hairpin line 》 Get off the shelf , There is no time for Xiao Zhan's new play to start broadcasting . I just want to ask , What does Wu Yifan compare with Xiao Zhan ? A poor foreign artist , He has broken the law in China , In the face of irrefutable facts , Dare to sophisticate , I didn't commit rape ! I really don't understand , Why do some people always like to confuse Xiao Zhan with other inferior artists who have three wrong views ? Don't , Recognize Xiao Zhan's excellence , Is it really so difficult to admit that he is a real high-quality idol ?

Xiao ZHANJING 227 Events tell us , Why do they all love Xiao Zhan ? First , Xiao Zhan Sanguan is pure , Open and aboveboard personality charm can stand the test and deliberation ; Secondly, Xiao Zhanzi is pure , There is no disgraceful scandal stain ; Finally, Xiao Zhan always uses his positive energy , Call on fans and audience to do charity activities with themselves , After this , Also let more people unswervingly follow Xiao Zhan , Be a better person . Now do you understand why everyone loves Xiao Zhan ? Because Xiao Zhan is worth everything , He set an example , With his own practical actions, he showed everyone that as a public figure , High quality idol , Due mission , Be a person who is beneficial to the society and the people .

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