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Phoenix man is righteous: my parents are the first in this family, and my brothers and sisters are the second. Do you know something

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1. Look on the other side when things happen

I recently got a play , Name is 《 My mother-in-law is here 》, I don't know if you've seen it , I think this play is more realistic .

It's about He Lin, a Beijing girl who is loved by thousands of people , Not only are people beautiful , And the growth path is smooth .

Simple and lovely she , I don't like the city childe's ignorance and procrastination , He took a fancy to Wang Chuanzhi, who was admitted to Peking University from rural areas in the North .

Although not a matching marriage , But through unremitting efforts , The beautiful couple soon got together .

In fact, such stories can be found everywhere in life , Rural children have made achievements through struggle , Stay in the big city , Married a girl from the city , Live a happy life .

But to his surprise , Married life is not as sweet as imagined . because , My mother-in-law is here . It's not just my mother-in-law , She also took her daughter 、 son 、 Daughter-in-law 、 Little granddaughter , It's a whole family mobilization .

The most helpless thing is Wang Chuanzhi's bottomless attitude towards his family , He Lin is worried . A good home , A small life with unlimited scenery , Just being jumped by chickens and dogs 、 The ground was covered with chicken feathers , So it seems that Wang Chuanzhi's Phoenix male .

However , There is always another side to things , Although the family disturbed He Lin's small family , But their essence is not bad , Although pedantic, they are honest farmers , There is no malice to He Lin .

Wang Chuanzhi is also right , The whole family lived frugally for him to become a talent , He has the ability now. Can't he be ungrateful .

He Lin is more right , A good Beijing girl , Just get married ! But he made a pile of bad things for himself .

Fortunately, He Lin adjusted her perspective in time , Gave his marriage a happy ending . But in real life, Yang Jing is not so lucky .

2. Phoenix man confidently asks you whether to look or leave behind

Fan Yang Jinghe 《 My mother-in-law is here 》 He Lin inside had the same fate , Yang Jing's husband Zhao Kai is also a child who grew up in the countryside , After graduating from college, I came to the city to work hard , Through their own continuous efforts , From a small clerk to a department manager .

At a friend's party , Yang Jing met Zhao Kai , The first time I saw Zhao Kai, I was deeply attracted . As a struggling rural child , Zhao Kai exudes a steady temperament . Yang Jing and Zhao Kai fell in love at first sight and soon established a love relationship , And the wedding was held a year later .

However , After getting married, it was not long before trouble came . Zhao Kai's brother 、 My sister often comes home , Not to see a doctor and borrow money , Is that life needs support , Every time I come, I have to stay at home for a few days .

Yang Jing often complains with Zhao Kai that she can't bear the disturbance , But Zhao Kai always has brothers and sisters. It's not easy , To him , I've been working for him to go to school , People know that kindness is rewarded , Give her a hand if you can .

Yang Jing has been patient , Until one day , Zhao Kai didn't discuss with her , Unexpectedly, they privately took their rural parents home , This time Yang Jing really couldn't bear it and had a big quarrel with Zhao Kai , It lists all kinds of connivance Zhao Kai has done to his family since his marriage .

When Yang Jing asked, Zhao Kai said righteously “ I came out of the countryside , It's not easy for my parents and siblings to devote all their money to my study , In our Zhao family, my parents always rank first , My brother and sister are second , You know something, okay ?”

Hearing this, Yang Jing was shocked , Her position in her husband's heart is so low . Because of Zhao Kai's words , Yang Jingyi decided to divorce .

Zhao Kai never understood the reason for the divorce , Is there anything wrong with gratitude ? Why can't Yang Jing understand and understand ? Besides, these people in Yang Jing's mouth are all his close relatives . Can't you really tolerate it ?

In fact, in this case , Zhao Kai and Yang Jing are right according to their respective positions .

The mistake is that they don't take the initiative to find the other side of things , They didn't put themselves in each other's shoes .

3. Escape is not the only way to solve marital problems

Through the phenomenon of Phoenix man, it is not difficult to see , There are many factors that affect marriage problems in today's society , Phoenix male phenomenon is just one of them .

A friend engaged in Civil Affairs said , Modern people's attitude towards marriage is too hasty , Two days ago, a young couple after marriage registration 19 I came to the Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for divorce , The reason is that the form of the wedding, the selected style or the western style, can't be achieved all the time , It can be seen that their attitude towards marriage is hasty .

The famous scholar Wu Bofan once said “ All moving love stories are not the happiness of love itself , But the strictness of the execution contract itself .”

Fromm is in 《 The art of love 》 In the said :“ Caring and caring also includes the other side of love , The sense of responsibility . Responsibility is a completely conscious action , It is our desire and answer to another life .”

you 're right , A marriage letter represents more than the legitimacy and contract of marriage , What's more, we need to show the strictness and sense of responsibility of executing the contract .

Today, , Once a young man finds that he is different from each other in any way , Divorce has become a common thing .

But you can see that contradictions exist in all aspects of marriage , Differences between urban and rural areas 、 Regional differences 、 Cultural differences and so on , You met Phoenix man today , I may meet Baoma man tomorrow , Do you want to escape forever ?

Marriage is more than passion , More responsibility and responsibility , It's firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea , It's a child's tie , It's all day's trifles .

In fact, we might as well try to accept each other's differences , From the very beginning, the differences between the two people were presented in front of me , Look at things from each other's point of view , Show a rigorous spirit of contract , Manage your marriage well , Stick to the contract of marriage , Shoulder the mission and responsibility entrusted by marriage .

remember , Divorce is not the only way to solve the problem of marriage .

What do you think of Phoenix man ?

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