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MPV list in July: who is the leader of MPV market?

2021-08-28 05:22:21 Oriental Information automobile

" : Strong posture ! that : Live a moment of happiness ! therefore Saina's name is more like an attitude towards life . you 're right , This is also in line with Saina's act MPV The positioning of . GAC Toyota's new Saina model has been determined to be in 8 month 29 At the Chengdu International Auto Show held on the th , without doubt , Personally, I think this car will be 2021 Chengdu auto show ranked first “ blockbuster ” A new car . however , With 7 month MPV The release of the sales list , Let's guess , Can GAC Toyota compete in the top five on the list ?

1. Is this game not pissena ? In fact, there has been a lack of 50 All within MPV Toyota brand of the model , Saina took the lead in competing for domestic main sales in the form of domestic production MPV The market has a strong strategic significance . In the domestic medium and high-end MPV In the market , In addition to the domestic Wuling God car , buick GL8 It has always been a divine existence , Honda's Odyssey and Allison have also gained a firm foothold in the market , Toyota also urgently needs to introduce a medium and high-end MPV Match them , and Sienna It's a ready-made choice at this level , Domestic and then abandoned 6 cylinder , Pull the price down directly , It naturally takes on the important task of this price range . You can say Toyota doesn't understand performance and handling , But I believe no one will question Toyota or Japanese brands' understanding of family , The flexibility and comfort of space is MPV The most direct appeal .

Through the list, we can clearly see , In addition to Wuling shenche , buick GL8 Still the leader in this segment , And GAC Honda Odyssey and GAC motor M8 It is also a stable foothold in the top five seats . My personal guess is , If GAC Toyota can squeeze into the top five , Then Toyota's car is a success , Otherwise, sooner or later, it will still be in the early compact level MPV Yizhi's follow-up .

No matter how many voices doubt that Saina of GAC Toyota is completely different from importing Senna , But in the Chinese market de The law has tested the feasibility of this strategy . No, 6 What about the cylinder ? It's like crown Lu Fang borrowed the crown brand to revive , Toyota 86 With the help of AE86, Toyota Supra With the help of the ox demon king and so on , Push a new car and sell a wave of feelings with the help of the familiar car line name in those years , It also reduces the investment in the dissemination of vehicle line cognition when new vehicles are put into the market , In fact, the difficulty of guiding consumers has also been reduced a lot . But in the Chinese market , Now need MPV Most of the models are 80 and 90 after , They are younger and more independent , Their needs are highly personalized , It is not the car demand of the popular traditional family with many people , They have their own way , Have a very clear attitude towards lifestyle , I just hope Toyota's understanding of Chinese families will not have any deviation , Because I can foresee , even 2021 China made Saina was launched in , In Toyota's consistent style , What car machine interaction , what ui Design resolution , What seat materials and the so-called sense of luxury , I'm afraid there will be no improvement , Saina is nothing more than a home with large space and high configuration MPV, But you need to know , Today, 7 seat MPV Audience , How many people know Senna's name ?

2. What are the selling points of GAC Toyota Racing ?① new TNGA Saina of architecture has a better design concept , The overall architecture also keeps up with the times .② From now on, Toyota TNGA Look at the power structure of platform products , The new Senna will carry more 2.5L Four cylinder dual engine hybrid system , The combined power will reach 246Ps, matching E-CVT transmission .③ The body size exceeds 5.1 M's new race that reached GL8 And the level of public prestige .④ At the same time, it may carry E-Four Electronic 4WD system .

Last : Actually MPV This pure family car Toyota should be the best at , After all, Toyota, which prefers family car design from the inside to the outside , He is better at how to have better reliability and comfort . However, in addition to the special market demand of ELFA in the Chinese market , Almost no one can play MPV models . Judging from the pre-sale price flowing out of the network , The new car will come out 5 Model configuration , contain LE Version suspected 27.68 Ten thousand yuan ,XLE Version suspected 29.98 ten thousand ,LIMITED Version suspected 31.68 Ten thousand yuan ,LIMITED PLUS Version suspected 33.78 Ten thousand yuan ,PLATINUM Version suspected 36.98 Ten thousand yuan . The overall price is still competitive , Although slightly higher than the Odyssey , But the size of the model is larger and the positioning is higher , It can be said that it is in line with expectations . But whether GAC Toyota can bear the production capacity of Saina is also a problem , From the production capacity of GAC Toyota and the current epidemic situation and chip shortage , If the production capacity cannot meet the market demand , It's only a matter of time before the price increases .

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