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A 7000 kilometer pure electric charging trip, I can only make complaints about Jiujiang city.

2021-08-28 05:22:28 Oriental Information automobile

This summer vacation I embarked on a leap 7000 km , Crossing Zhejiang 、 jiangxi 、 hunan 、 guangxi 、 yunnan 、 Sichuan, etc 10 Self driving trips in multiple provinces and cities .

Because it's a pure tram from bydihan , So you have to worry about charging all the way . Wherever you drive, you should plan the charging pile in advance , There is really a lot of mileage anxiety .

Fortunately, at present, most counties in China have a considerable number of charging piles , This way , I've walked through many small counties , Never heard of before . For example, Nandan county in Hechi ; For example, Shimian County in Ya'an , Dadu River flows through ; For example, Ningyuan County in Hunan , The mountains here are very close to Guilin .

These small towns , All stay because of charging .

in general , Most counties can easily find charging piles , So the trip went smoothly .

Except for one place , I got a bad impression of charging , It is Jiujiang .

I can't think of it , Jiujiang's charging pile is so bad , To find a charging point , I started in the afternoon 6 I've been busy until the evening 10 spot , Before charging .

In my hand 20 During the day's journey , Except Jiujiang , My charging process is smooth everywhere else . Of course, there will be some small problems , For example, the charging pile in a square in Bazhong can't get in because of parking problems , For example, a state grid charging pile in Tonglu , It took a while to find the entrance ...... But it's only half an hour at most , I'm sure I can fix the charging problem .

Only in Jiujiang , It took 3 Hours , It's speechless to the extreme .

ok , Let me start from the beginning .

That day I was in the afternoon 5 More points than Jiujiang toll station , Then I searched the distribution of charging piles , I found a charging pile of State Grid at the gate of Lushan scenic spot , And there are slow piles , So I decided to charge here , Go to Lushan by the way .

Let me just say a word here , This journey , I usually travel during the day , They all charge with fast piles in the high-speed service area , But try to find a slow pile at night , Get some sleep and fill up the electricity . Because it is said that frequent use of fast pile charging hurts the battery , That's what everyone says , So when you can find the slow pile , I try to use slow piles at night .

As a result, I arrived at the charging pile at the South Gate of Lushan Mountain , Find out 5 All the slow piles are bad .......

I'll rub it

ok , Fast pile is still good , Just make do for one night . Even if it's like this . As a result, I went to a nearby hotel to stay , Don't open the door , Asked , They say they dare not open business during the epidemic .

I rely on , I've walked so many places , From Guangxi to Guizhou to Yunnan , So many tourist cities , So many scenic spots , At most, check the health code and travel code. It's strict , I've never heard that hotels are closed .

of course , I have to go back to Jiujiang City .

Before leaving , I looked at the distribution map of charging piles , Still quite a lot, right . At that time 6 A little more , little does one think , This is the beginning of my nightmare night .

I spent more than half an hour back to Jiujiang City , It's already past night 7 spot .

For the charging pile, I give priority to the State Grid , So I was the first to the State Grid charging station of Jiujiang Institute of Physical Education , At the door, the security guard said that the charging piles inside were broken , Don't let in , ok , Find the next .

Then let's look at the charging pile map, which has 2 A note “ Go often ” The place of , That's where I went later , Give priority to slow piles .

First, I went to the charging station of Mingzhu City, Xinhu Middle Road, State Grid .

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