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no Stitched baseball suits are over age

2021-08-28 05:36:12 Oriental Information automobile

Isn't it ? Stitching a baseball uniform in this way is super aging

Color blocking baseball uniform + Solid short sleeves + Casual straight pants

Shoe shoe : Versatile sneakers

A lot of boys are interested in splicing baseball uniforms , From the bottom of my heart ; Little imagine , It can age so ! This collocation , Choose a color blocking baseball suit on your upper body , The letters on the body are embroidered with towels , With its own three-dimensional feeling ! Raglan sleeves for drop shoulders 、 For boys who slip their shoulders , It can weaken this body defect ; The body is boldly spliced with black, white and gray , The style is not picky at all ! Wear a white short sleeve inside , Comfortable and versatile ; Choose a black straight pants for the lower body , If your legs are not slender enough , So these pants can be a good way to decorate the leg lines , Minutes show leg length ! Shoes choose a gray color sneaker ; If you want get A set of super age reducing leisure sports style , Don't miss it !

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