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Hip Hop Dance 4: the immortal battle lifts the recording studio. Why does Wang Yibo cry?

2021-08-28 05:36:15 Oriental Information automobile

《 this ! Is the street dance 4》 Before the broadcast , Many great gods in the industry predict that this season will be a fairy fight , A season that doubles in popularity .

at present 《 Hip hop 4》 Just aired two issues , Live up to your expectations , It has made the audience hold their heads and shout fun , This scene is in the past , But the divine output can only be seen in the final .

Each issue is divided into two episodes , Total duration over 3 Hours , Sat in the air-conditioned room on Saturday night , Holding watermelon 、 Potato chips 、 ice cola , Don't be too happy to look at it at one breath .

8 month 21 The first half of the second episode of the program broadcast on the th continued what was not finished in the first episode battle, It's Han Geng and henry The battle of the team , In the second half, they crossed , Han Geng vs. Wang Yibo , Zhang Yixing fought henry.

In Han Geng and henry Of battle in , Take the same 2V2、3V3、5V5 In the form of , Pre product 2 The team leader has the right to initiate “ Shuai Zhan ”, Both captains are going to fight .

This competition system is very interesting , Whoever accumulates first 2 branch , Shuai war always starts , The captain must end battle must not , Satisfied the audience's desire to see the captain dance .

stay 2V2 Of battle in ,henry As soon as I came up, I suffered the loss of the novice captain .

Although not a hip-hop expert , But after watching so many programs, I know a little , Non single battle In addition to dance skills 、 Beyond musical elements , Whether there is enough tacit understanding between dancers is also one of the criteria .

For example, in the first issue ,gogobrothers Invincible, cut two games in a row battle, The tacit cooperation of dancing together since childhood , Let them automatically block everyone when they step into the first beat .

and henry Without considering this , Choose Anisha and rabbit to cooperate .

Anisha is not suitable for Qi dance , Chinese and foreign players may also have difficulties and differences in communication , In the end, they made a series of stage mistakes , Repeatedly rely on rabbits to save the farm , But two battle All lost to the other party .

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