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Listing is the focus, 218 horsepower, fuel consumption of 4.8L, double champion of sales volume preservation, and impeccable household

2021-08-28 05:38:21 Driving horizon G

In the car market , Each brand or car line has its own tonality .

Independent brands rely on cost performance to strengthen their competitiveness , Joint venture brands rely on maturity and stability to step on users' pain points , Luxury brands cater to the consumer market with word-of-mouth and image .

You know, creating a perfect brand image is far more difficult than building technology or products , Products or technologies can be achieved in a very short time through the accumulation of human and financial resources , The brand image is formed by a persistent positive attitude and accumulated public praise .

So we can see , Luxury brands in the market are divided into two classes , Like Cadillac 、 Volvo 、 Lincoln and others are divided into two camps , With the primary camp BBA There are very obvious class differences , This also directly causes them, even if they have a price 、 The product has dual advantages , But in terms of sales, it has always been unable to keep up BBA, This is the disadvantage derived from the difference of brand height .

However, in the field of luxury , One brand is a special case , It's Lexus , The market does not clearly distinguish the class of the brand , Put it in the front-line luxury camp , Rich Luxury gene and excellent market reputation seem to have no sense of violation , At the same time, the brand's products also have second-line luxury guide prices , Like Lexus ES models , As a luxury C Levels of car , The guided price of the car is 29.49 Ten thousand yuan -48.89 Ten thousand yuan , Far below the same level BBA The models .

Maybe that's why the car is very popular in China , from 2020 It is known from the purchase data of new vehicle compulsory insurance in , lexus ES The total sales volume of the model is 114641 car , And become the first in the sales of luxury brand imported models .

meanwhile , lexus ES It is also the one with the highest value preservation rate in the field of large cars in the whole domestic automobile market , According to the data released by China Automobile Circulation Association , lexus ES Model No 1 The annual hedging rate is 97.88%, The first 3 The annual hedging rate is 85.83%, And came to the first place. 5 The car's value preservation rate can still reach 65.39%, You know, in the 5 It can still reach 60% There are only a few of the above models , And it's far above the average of its peers .

The hedging rate at the same level is the first 、 The sales volume of imported models ranks first , Sales volume preservation Double Champion , All of them explain the recognition of the car in the front-end and rear markets .

Under the voice of many consumers ,2021 year 8 month 16 New Lexus ES Officially released in the Chinese market , Continue to uphold the essence of Lexus brand and the unique understanding of luxury models , In addition, the high quality created by the rich market reputation and the rigorous attitude as always , Make the car go on the market “ The focus of ”, Lexus as seen from the car drop website ES It is the one with the highest search volume and popularity in the field of medium and large cars , So the rejuvenated Lexus ES On what strength ?

As a mid - term change model , New Lexus ES Some adjustments have been made to the appearance , The forward air grille is composed of a number of components L Type plated parts constitute a mesh design , While showing the beauty of horizontal flow, it also has a strong visual cohesion , The headlights on both sides are still sharp design , And introduced BladeScanTM High speed rotating mirror high and low beam adaptive control system AHS, Enhanced functionality , At the same time with GA-K platform “ Low center of gravity 、 Wide track width ” The proportion of the body , Highly recognizable and in line with the design attainments and momentum of luxury brands , Compared with the more traditional Audi A6L, lexus ES It emphasizes the temperament of both sports and luxury , Young and steady .

But Lexus ES The interior of the cockpit is different , Many people describe it as “ Too calm ”, Actually, in my opinion , This is a recognition of the luxury of the interior , Dark brown wood grain veneer combined with large-scale leather material , With many metal materials and double stitches , Delicate and high-level , In line with the luxury tone of the model .

It is worth mentioning that the new Lexus ES A new layout is adopted above the center console , Adhering to “ people oriented ” Idea , Move the large multimedia screen of the central control closer to the driver's position 100mm+, The angle is also more biased towards the driver , So as to improve the operation convenience of users when driving .

As a luxury brand , In terms of function and technology configuration of each part, Lexus ES Has always been more sincere , For example, security configuration , New Lexus ES All standard 10 individual SRS airbag , It forms an all-round protection for the passengers in the front and rear rows , And the low configuration model excellence also has a lane departure warning system 、 Lane keeping assist system 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Seat heating 、 Front row multi-layer sound insulation glass 、 Digital key and other configurations , You know, in BMW 5 system 、 Mercedes E Class and Audi A6L These configurations are basically optional , And Lexus ES“ Getting started is high configuration ” The performance of seems to be a clear stream in luxury brands .

As for the mechanical hardware , Lexus has always been in the market ES Take a different view , Some people say it's not powerful enough , Undeniable? ES200 The car is equipped with 2.0L engine , The most powerful 173 horsepower (127kW), Maximum torque 208 cattle · rice , It is true that there is no obvious back pushing effect at the beginning , But it will not reach “ Running out of steam ” The state of , And still have plenty of reserves when overtaking or accelerating in the middle , Dealing with daily urban road conditions is enough .

and ES260 The 2.5L The engine is more sensitive , The maximum power is 207 horsepower (152kW), Maximum torque 243 cattle · rice , However, users who have high power requirements can choose ES300h models , With the hybrid system, the maximum power reaches 218 horsepower (160kW), Not just powerful , what's more ES300h Hybrid models because of 41% Thermal efficiency 2.5L The engine 、ECVT Gearbox and Ni MH battery pack with reasonable layout , This makes the car fuel economy quite good ,WLTC Under working conditions, this large-size C The fuel consumption of a class car is only 4.8 l , And it's 92 Number of gasoline , Economy and tradition A The first-class car tied .

Many people are used to linking power when judging luxury models , They generally believe that luxury models should have a ferocious power output , But in my opinion, maybe not , Because to buy luxury products at a more expensive price, we pursue the refinement of quality and comfort , Too much power will inevitably affect the comfort of the car itself , And the new Lexus ES Our orientation is to focus on comfort , Accelerate the vehicle dynamically 、 Deceleration and steering control are seamlessly connected , So as to achieve accelerated linearity 、 Comfortable and smooth driving experience .

It is worth mentioning that the new Lexus ES For the first time F SPORT models , Added... Under the basic comfort training AVS Adaptive variable suspension system , The new brake can reduce the damping and expand the variable control range , In addition, the exclusive technology strengthens the support rigidity of the front and rear suspension 、 Torsional rigidity and lateral stiffness , So that the handling ability or comfort experience of the car is not inferior to that of any model at the same level .

summary : Analysis from the perspective of industry , Lexus doesn't need a Cadillac 、 Price reduction and promotion means of second tier luxury brands such as Volvo , And don't worry about product sales , At the same time, it can maintain a relatively high position in the market , Its root lies in maintaining high standards and high quality when shaping products , Like the new Lexus ES models , A sense of sophistication from the inside out, even with more expensive BBA There are too many comparisons , And the car also has quite economical fuel performance 、 Comfortable riding experience and the attributes of high configuration at the beginning , Plus the hedging rate beyond the industry level , It's impeccable to use it as a home .

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