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Roewe whale, SAIC Roewe medium and high-end SUV

2021-08-28 05:45:39 Oriental Information automobile

Compared with other domestic brands, SAIC Roewe , From birth to growth , Are even more unusual . Rover is supported by general motors and Volkswagen , The starting point of technology is higher , Shield logo design . In that independent brand logo Design has not yet found the era of rhythm , Always give people a kind of “ Overseas brands ” The feeling of , In that year, Rongwei was introduced on a mature platform 750、950 And other high-end models , Even though Roewe was more expensive than independent models at the same level 1 More than 10000 yuan or 2 Ten thousand yuan , It's also very popular .

Roewe is in the middle and high end SUV market ,RX5 After the fire , Roewe changed W5 Old platform , Launched a tough off-road RX8. Roewe brand has been 10 ten thousand -15 All level SUV The market price is gradually fixed .

not long ago , Roewe launched a product called Whale NEW SUV. In terms of shape , It not only completely subverts Roewe's family design , And it adopts the design style of sedan car , Improved their brand image .

Roewe whale as a new “ Rhythmic arousal ” The first model of the design concept , The design language of Roewe brand has been invisible in new cars , The overall visual effect is fashionable and young . The new car is equipped with a closed waterfall grille 、 Sharp line design 、 Sharp split headlamp unit , And trapezoidal inlets , This makes the new car look very atmospheric . Roewe whales use a sliding back shape , This is also a market segment where more and more brands are involved , Create a strong sense of movement . meanwhile , The car adopts a suspended roof . The new car has a double five spoke rim design , Very young 、 motion . Details , The car is also equipped with hidden door handles , Make the car side more concise . Roewe whales in the tail , It adopts horizontal and vertical modeling style , At the same time, the tail lamp adopts “ Interstellar tunnel ” The design of the , Lateral tail lights also increase awareness . Details , The vehicle adopts bilateral exhaust , A larger spoiler is used above the roof , It brings a strong visual impact .

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