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Probe into BMW 4S store: A6L doesn't match with 5 Series? Very confident in selling cars

2021-08-28 05:45:44 Oriental Information automobile

Among BMW dealers , I saw the new sales situation brought about by the chip crisis .

A BMW salesman after I entered the store , Very warmly introduced , When I asked 530Li At what price , Sales enthusiasm is higher , Because in the current BMW system ,5 It is undoubtedly the most popular model , The heat can even surpass the present X3 as well as 3 system .

It can also be seen from the sales volume , Very mature 5 system , It has become the profit artifact of brilliance BMW and its dealers .

Probably the result of communication is , current 5 The price discount is very low , The guidance price is close to 50 Thousands of cars , The dealer is only willing to give up 15000 A profit margin of about yuan .

In my impression , Previous generation 5 The price depression of the system , stay 36 All around , Now it's new 5 The price of the system is already at a very high point .

Because of design success , new 5 The price performance is very strong , For sales , Don't worry about selling 5 It is based on the advantages of the market , It's also much higher than A6L Capital at one end .

“ audi A6L The current price is relatively low , Probably 35 Wan can get the low configuration , Because Audi A6L Than BMW 5 Tie one end down , So the price is lower ”, This is the general meaning of sales , Signification 5 Sybi Audi A6L Product positioning higher than one end .

You bet , at present 5 The Department is very successful , Especially the hybrid version , Higher price and mature technology , Let it be BBA In the troika , The new energy model is the best new car , At the same time, because of the current market heat , Guaranteed brand new 5 It's a very high price in the market .

If you want to start with the lowest matching 535Li, The current terminal price still needs 41 All around , The dealer is only willing to give up 1 A price in the low tens of thousands , The price is even higher than that of Mercedes Benz E I'm more confident .

meanwhile , Sales will also throw out “ We're not sure later 5 Will the department increase the price , Because at present 4 There are no cars in stock , Need to add 5 Ten thousand decoration can only mention the existing car ”, Implies brand new 5 The Department may raise the price in the future , Dealers will use the gimmick of chip crisis , Lift product value and bicycle profit .

Global auto companies are experiencing chip crisis , BMW is not the only one , But with the gimmick of chip shortage, stabilize the price , BMW does the best , Analyze from the production port , The imbalance between chip supply and demand does increase production costs , But it will not increase by tens of thousands of yuan at all , With the help of the word chip crisis , BMW has successfully set a new height in the market .

BBA Three companies , BMW has a great momentum to surpass Mercedes Benz , Audi does because of system planning 、 Modular operation and brand strategy development , It lags behind Mercedes Benz in sales and bicycle pricing 、 BMW . First half of this year , BMW's global sales are close to 118 Ten thousand units , The sales volume in the Chinese market exceeds 46 ten thousand , Successfully surpass Mercedes Benz , And left Audi behind , It is worth mentioning that , BMW in this era no longer relies on price advantage to fight the market , Really shift from price advantage to product attraction .

There are many market supporters , On the one hand, BMW has excellent product power , On the other hand, strategic operations seize the opportunity , This also makes even the terminal price concession narrow , There are still a large number of user groups , Willing to spend more on budget , Hold BMW in your arms .

Younger 、 More sports 、 More fashionable , It's the result written on BMW's face .

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