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Hyundai Tousheng l can't even say hello when the market abandons it

2021-08-28 05:47:55 Oriental Information automobile

As a of the global automotive market “ The engine ”, It can be said that the Chinese market is a must for many auto enterprises , Whether it's German cars, Japanese cars and American cars , They all regard China's auto market as an important market for making money , Even Renault, who left the Chinese market because of poor sales , There is also constant news that it has the intention of turning back , Let alone rely on Acura and Infiniti, which do not go in the Chinese market and have weak sales .

As an important participant in the automobile market , The influence of Korean cars in the global market is not small , It has also created brilliance in the Chinese market , however , With the intensification of market competition , Korean cars dominated by Beijing Hyundai , The performance in the Chinese market has declined .2014-2016 Beijing Hyundai, which still sold millions of units a year , from 2017 Since, there has been a year-on-year decline in sales , To 2020 The total annual sales volume in was only 50.2 Ten thousand .

According to the published sales volume , In the first seven months of this year, the cumulative sales volume of Beijing Hyundai was only 22 Around ten thousand , among ,7 The monthly sales volume in this month is 23946 platform . If this situation continues , It is estimated that Beijing Hyundai is difficult to complete 50 Unit sales . From the current market performance of modern single car , The best selling models are Elantra and Hyundai IX35, The sales in the first seven months were 70761 Taiwan and 54004 platform .

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