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BYD F0 transformed into E1 and entered the new energy camp, with 59900 cases and a endurance of more than 300 kilometers

2021-08-28 05:49:22 Cheshi vernacular

New energy vehicles have formed a development pattern of blooming everywhere in the automobile market , A large number of car companies “ Waste oil from electricity ”, It also makes the new energy market continue to expand . The most typical case is Hongguang MINI Popularity , Its sales catch up with most fuel models , It is completely popular in the electric vehicle market . Obviously BYD saw Hongguang MINI Popularity , BYD e1 from f0 Changed its face and re entered the sight of consumers . The price is 5.99 Wan to 7.99 ten thousand .

In appearance design , BYD e1 Basically will f0 The appearance of continues , Meticulous treatment has been done in some places . The front face remains f0 Shadow , The gradient grid replaces the previous grid , Brings a conceptual style to the front face , Although the air inlet is smaller , However, the heat generated by the motor itself is not large , Therefore, reduce the air inlet area to reduce the wind resistance .

The shape of the headlight is still the same as before “ Four eyes ” modelling , In the early years, some consumers liked to call this “ Peanut lamp ”20 It also provides full LED Headlights are optional , After lighting up, the sense of science and technology is still relatively high .

Body and f0 The same , The small shape has a strong sense of sprouting , Very attractive to women . It is worth mentioning that , BYD e1 The rear window can be lowered , It brings better visual permeability and air fluidity to the rear row .

The rear contour is still f0 The design of the , There have been some changes in the tail lights , The tail lights are equipped with full LED, The lamp group adopts column design , When the light is on , Both recognition and sense of technology have a good performance . The tailgate adopts a windowed design , Small opening , And the height from the ground is also relatively high , It's a little inconvenient to put things .

Compared with the previous work, the interior is completely pushed down and redone , The new design sets off a stronger scientific and technological atmosphere . The front platform adopts the design method of straight lines , To enhance the sense of hierarchy , For cost reasons , Although the glove box on the right is not closed , But the utilization of space has been well preserved . The shift mechanism is knob operated , Not far ahead is the air conditioning control button area , The compact key arrangement brings a more convenient operation experience .

The interior is made of hard plastic , I believe many people also expected , After all, limited by cost , This is also a reasonable thing . However, the interior color is contrast design , Although it can't improve the sense of grade , But it can make the interior look more lively , After all, for this 8 A model of about 10000 yuan , Want to occupy a certain market share , We still need to make some efforts in color matching and marketing .

Both the instrument panel and the central control panel adopt 8 Inch LCD screen , But the display effect of the instrument panel is a little backward , It's just a CNC screen , It's not a real LCD screen , Only the digital part can change , Many netizens are puzzled by the use of this relatively backward equipment . The display effect of the central control screen is pretty good , The running speed can also reach the mainstream level .19 Kuan Yao version inherited BYD's “ Spin blood ”, Support automatic rotation function , And by the 20 After that , This function is cancelled .

Configuration didn't bring you too many surprises , The active and passive security configuration is obviously not related to it , But in some versions , Such as basic reversing image function and reversing radar are equipped , in addition , It also supports keyless start and active air intake grille . What makes people dissatisfied is 20 This model is not equipped with aluminum alloy wheels as standard , Only steel hubs are standard , Alloy wheels are optional . In general , Although the configuration is not particularly rich , But in the same price model , It can also be regarded as the existence of medium and high standards .

Everyone must know very well about size and space , After all, level restricts space here , The body size is 3465/1618/1500mm, The wheelbase dimension is 2340mm, Small size , Space doesn't have much advantage , Although as a four door model , But the feeling of riding in the back row can only be described as depression . BYD e1 Only suitable for two people , The back row can only be temporarily occupied , Usually, for this small car, the back , Generally, it will be put down , So as to increase the service space of the back compartment .

BYD e1 It is equipped with a front permanent magnet synchronous motor , Its total power is 45kW, The total torque is 110N·m, The comprehensive endurance mileage is 305km, Instead, the battery pack uses a ternary lithium battery . Although it can be seen from the level of the car , Its power won't be too eye-catching , Only for 45kW Power , It's not hard to drag this small body , Just want to squeeze more power to experience speed , Some are unrealistic . For all that , Under the excellent low torque performance of the motor , When starting or accelerating , It will still give you a sense of lightness . On the whole , In terms of power, there is still some redundancy as a household .

Front McPherson independent suspension , The form of rear torsion beam non independent suspension is also the mainstream configuration at present , Affected by the battery pack , The center of gravity of the chassis has been reduced a little , When you drive , comparison f0 Be more calm . The texture of vibration reduction has also been improved to a certain extent , The suspension is more straightforward to clean up the fine vibration , Although it will also spread to the car , But it doesn't cause obvious discomfort .

Speaking of the end :

From Hongguang MINI In terms of performance , Domestic consumers still have a large demand for small models , But in terms of price , Agatsuma MINI The price should be more advantageous , But in terms of space practicability , Obviously BYD e1 Be better . Spend more money to choose BYD with more space e1 It may be more suitable for home use . If it's you , Between these two cars , Which one would you choose ?

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