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The wheelbase is 2.9 meters, the fastest speed is 4.5 seconds, breaking 100, 353600, and the big sliding back is more handsome than the BMW X4

2021-08-28 05:49:26 Cheshi vernacular

Mention the car running shape SUV, What kind of car would you think of ? Believe BMW X4 It should be the first choice for most riders . On sedan running SUV, BMW can be said to be the ancestor , The first generation of BMW X6 When it came out , It was reported by the major media first , The bold design attracted many admiring eyes . today , Car running shape SUV Not only did he not walk down the altar , Instead, it has become synonymous with sports . Wei to EC6, A car running shape with sports blood SUV, Next, let's see how it performs .

Each brand has its own style , And are reflected in “ face ” On . Wei to EC6 The front face of the remains family “X-Bar” The design of the , Avant garde and futuristic style , In today's consumer market dominated by young people , This style of design is deeply loved by young people .

The design of split headlights is a great test for designers , Because the split style will have a more obvious sense of abruptness , If the design is not good , The front face will look very uncomfortable . Wei to EC6 upper LED The light bar is relatively slender , And the size is just right , The lower headlight group is deeply inlaid , In terms of visual effect , The daytime light group should be more conspicuous , And the headlight group is not too eye-catching , It solves the abrupt feeling brought by split design , It can be seen that the designer has a deep foundation .

Wei to EC6 Body design is also the most eye-catching part of its appearance , The shape of sliding back not only brings better visual effect , At the same time, it also reduces its wind resistance coefficient , I learned from the official that , Wei to EC6 The drag coefficient of is only 0.26Cd, Such performance in SUV It is very rare in car models .

With the blessing of the through tail lamp , Wei to EC6 Didn't drift with the tide , It uses a bilateral design , The spoon like shape makes the rear of the car have high recognition at night . Look carefully at the tail lights , You can find , It doesn't have a planar design , Instead, it adopts carving treatment , To enhance the three-dimensional feeling of the rear of the car . More horizontal line elements are used at the rear of the car in terms of line layout , This is in contrast to the shape of the front face , The rear of the car is more calm than the front .

The car also maintains a strong sense of fashion , The air outlet of the through air conditioner and the large vertical screen bring a sense of flatness to the car , The hierarchical design concept creates a rigorous interior . Voice assistant NOMI It appears in the center of the center console , Rich expressions bring a sense of intimacy , If your girlfriend is in the passenger seat , Maybe she can accompany NOMI Play for a long time .

Many buy Weilai EC6 People don't ask too much about its materials , The reason is that everyone knows , Weilai is very reassuring in terms of materials . The top of the central control panel is made of velvet , The lower trim panel of the air conditioning outlet adopts Haptex Synthetic leather , Super fiber velvet ceiling is also standard in the whole series , Wrapped in such rich materials , If it doesn't satisfy you , Optional Nappa Leather interior .

9.8 Inch LCD dashboard and 11.3 Inch central control screens are standard . The dashboard is rich in information , The resolution has also reached 1800*606, The delicate effect is very satisfactory , Just don't make too much adjustment , There are some “ Look and feel ”, And it has no hood design , When the light is reversed , The content displayed on the screen will not be very clear . The central control screen has a good performance in color and fineness , It also supports multiple functions , But technology is too strong , Let friends who are used to button operation see Wei Lai EC6 There's no way to start after the interior decoration , Fortunately, the speech recognition function eliminates a lot of manual operation trouble .

High configuration models are equipped with a variety of active safety configurations , Such as parallel auxiliary 、 Lane departure warning 、 Traffic sign recognition 、 Lane keeping, etc , Fatigue driving tips are also included , On the highway , These auxiliary functions can save lives at critical moments . besides ,360 Degree panoramic image 、 Automatic parking 、 Adaptive cruise and other configurations also appear , However, some functions only appear in high configuration models , Low configuration models need to be equipped with .

Next is the space performance that we are more concerned about , Wei to EC6 The body size of is 4850/1965/1731mm, The wheelbase is 2900mm, In terms of data , The size of this car is regular . Let's talk about getting out of the car , Although from the outside , Wei to EC6 Not too high , But actually came to the car and found , There is plenty of head space in the car , Even if you have 180cm Above the height of , The head in the front row still doesn't feel depressed . The rear head is affected by the sliding back , The decline is obvious , But for the 180cm For the following friends , The back row will not bring a stronger sense of depression . The legs are more moderate here , Tall men don't have top legs when sitting in the back .

Next, let's look at the dual motor version with higher configuration , The maximum power of the motor is 400kW, Peak torque is 725N·m. Wei to EC6 In different modes , The driving experience is also completely different , Energy saving mode , Acceleration is very slow , This driving feeling is very friendly for novices , It's easy to get started with a new car . And for older drivers , Motivation is their pursuit , After entering sports mode ,725N·m The torque completely shows Wei Lai EC6 Wild , The rapid acceleration brings a strong sense of pushing back .

The suspension form is front double wishbone independent suspension , Rear multi-link independent suspension , In addition, high configuration models are also equipped with air suspension , Compared with ordinary suspension , The performance of the air suspension can be improved “ Two sides ” To describe , With excellent vibration filtering effect , And maintain the support of the body , This kind of suspension with a strong sense of advanced performance is very rare in models of the same level , After all, the advantages of suspension configuration are unmatched by other models .

Speaking of the end :

Sports and SUV The combination of has created many popular models in the auto market , Wei Lai EC6 With its sporty appearance, it has brought fresh blood to the new energy vehicle market . In today's , The rejuvenation of the market has become more and more obvious , Wei to EC6 How can it achieve in the market by playing this trump card of sports ? Let's see .

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