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Sit down and start selling? The home economics and home repair industry can no longer grow savagely

2021-08-28 06:18:27 Beijing daily client

In recent days, , Our reporter found that , The phenomenon of arbitrary charges in the home economics and home repair industry is on the rise again . According to the 12345 The hotline reported ,6 Since January, they have directly complained about the moving company “ raise the price at the transaction location ” It's close 40 rise , Air conditioner 、 Washing machines and other household appliances are repaired on site “ The purchase of services is not in line with the commitment ” The number of complaints is more than 700 rise .

Move and pull goods 、 Nanny hired 、 Electrical maintenance …… The home economics and home repair industry can be said to be the just need of urban life , With the growth of the consumption power of the younger generation , Such demand will continue to soar . However , Compared with the hot demand side , The supply side has been in Savage growth . Moving company “ phoney ”“ Li Kui ” Coexist , Unscrupulous forced buying and selling ; The quality of domestic workers is uneven , abuse 、 Fraud and other scandals abound ; Electrical maintenance has become a huge problem “ black box ”, Fictitious fault 、 Inferior is better than inferior 、 Arbitrary asking price and other means of making profits by using information asymmetry , It has become a common practice in the industry “ Hidden rules ”.

Housekeeping has a long history of chaos , And universal . Here's the head , It is far from a simple quality of service problem , What's more, there's something wrong with the service model . Internet Era , Consumers can't find housekeeping and home repair services without the Internet “ The mediation ” Docking , But almost all kinds of Internet platforms believe that they are just the publishers of information , Not the person in charge of information quality , Lack of binding force on door-to-door service personnel . Profit model with flow as the goal , The more housekeeping and home repair information on the platform is needed , Naturally, the threshold of information release will be reduced in rule design .

Take the home appliance maintenance industry , Individuals only need a mobile phone number and a bank card to release “ Door to door maintenance ” Information , This has led to many halfway monks 、 Assault training “ Half a bucket of water ” Avail oneself of the opportunity to get in .“ Take one vote and run away ” Mentality leads to the maintenance price coming soon , There is nothing to fear when harming consumers . Very low entry threshold for the home economics and home repair industry , Make the whole industry in a scattered and chaotic state for a long time , Even if there are some management measures to regulate , A large number of self-employed people are also rapidly “ Dilution ” Strengthened law enforcement , It makes it difficult to eradicate the chaos in the industry .

Further standardize the domestic maintenance industry and employees 、 The tripartite relationship between consumers , In particular, we need to strengthen the responsibility of the intermediary platform . The reason why many platforms turn a blind eye to fake and shoddy information , Just because you think you're just “ Third party information service platform ”, In addition to the prohibited contents clearly stipulated by law , There is no need to undertake the obligation of prior review , Just delete it afterwards . But the obvious thing is , Consumers choose a platform to find information , The first is to recognize its credit , It is considered that the operator has conducted necessary review on the information appearing on the website . But the problem is , The huge manpower and material resources required for prior audit , Between interest and credit , Platforms tend to prefer the former . In this sense , Clean up the industry , It is far from enough to rely on platform self-examination and business competition , Legislation and regulation need to be more targeted , Increase the punishment for platform violations , Expel bad money to the greatest extent .

Look to the future , With China's urbanization process , The home economics and home repair industry will still be a huge “ Blue ocean ”. Take the legal bottom line as the sound development of the industry “ Empower ”, Our city life will be better .

source Beijing daily client  |  commentator Bao Nan

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