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The new car is officially named tank 500! Is it expected to become the strongest opponent of Prado and land patrol?

2021-08-28 06:26:18 Oriental Information automobile

Don't cry 600 It's called 500, Should not tanks 600 There are other preparations ? In recent days, , The official declaration of the tank , Its brand-new heavy model will be officially named “ tanks 500”, And the new car will be 8 month 29 The Chengdu auto show officially appeared on the th . according to the understanding of , The new car is a new model based on the tank platform , In positioning , The new car is positioned as “ Medium and large business luxury off-road SUV”.

In terms of positioning , The competitor of new car benchmarking is likely to be Toyota Prado , But in terms of product power , The new car is also comparable to Toyota's land cruiser to a certain extent .

From the official map released by the tank , The whole new car revolves around “ Domineering off-road ” Outside the element of , It also presents a lot of noble and elegant atmosphere . Front face , The front grille of the new car is matched with the square headlights on both sides , Very aggressive , Or very wild ; The side has a layered waistline in the tank 300 You can also see , But tanks 500 The overall lines are more hierarchical .

And in the tail , The layout of the new car is roughly the same as that of the tank 300 There is not much difference , But from the overall design , The simplicity of the tail further highlights the off-road temperament of the new car .

motivation , tanks 500 The same cannot be underestimated . according to the understanding of , The new car will be equipped with... Exclusively developed by Great Wall Motors for the first time “3.0T+9AT” powertrain ,3.0T The engine of , Maximum power accessible 260kw, The maximum torque is 500N·m, Match the first self-developed vertical 9AT transmission , In addition, the powertrain will provide 48V The light hybrid system . Although not much information has been released so far , But from the current situation , It is definitely one of the heavyweight models this year . actually , This year's tanks have always been among the best in terms of heat and all aspects , This is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for domestic independent brands . Of course , At present, tanks 500 No more news has come to light , But in the 8 month 29 We can tell at the Chengdu auto show on the th , Interested friends can pay attention to it .

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