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"Assisted driving" has become "automatic driving", and misleading sales still exist in many auto stores

2021-08-28 06:27:47 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , Because we came together ES8 The accident will “ Autopilot ” Pushed onto the cusp of public opinion .8 month 23 Japan , Beiqing - Beijing headline reporter to many 4S The shop visit found that , Some salespeople are misleading when selling vehicles , Default auxiliary driving to automatic driving .

recently , Lin Wenqin, founder of meiyihao company, drove Weilai ES8 Died in a car accident , Although the police have not yet released the final investigation results , But around Weilai car NOP The debate between pilot assistance and autopilot technology has been heard all the time . The cause of the accident is that the consumers themselves are right “ Auxiliary driving ” There are misunderstandings ? Or are car companies promoting “ Autopilot ” Deliberately mislead ?

Sales promotion is misleading “ Auxiliary driving ” become “ Autopilot ”

In recent days, , Beiqing - Beijing headline reporter visited 10 A car experience store with assisted driving found , have only 4 Use strictly “ Auxiliary driving ” Professional term , BYD 、 Volvo 、 Mercedes 、 Which zha ; Use “ Automatic assisted driving ” The brands that say 4 home , They are Wei Lai 、 Ideal 、 tesla 、 Xiao peng ; Weima... Uses automatic driving 、ARCFOX Polar fox .

In Wima ( Daxing District ) In the store , As soon as the reporter entered the store, he saw the display board in the store “20 The first driverless mass production model in China ” The advertising language of . When the reporter said he wanted to know about the driverless function , A salesperson not only didn't deny , It is also used frequently “ unmanned ” This expression .

“ The policy does not support you to let go completely , So the car is set to only let go 20 second . That means you turned on driverless , But you can't let go of your hand , This is a policy requirement .” Although the salesperson said , Driverless doesn't mean you can completely let go of your hands , But it is also stressed that this is a policy provision , Not because the technology is not mature enough .

In the reporter's ideal ONE During test drive , A salesperson surnamed Chu told reporters , Although the ideal assisted driving technology can not reach the level of automatic driving , However, autonomous driving can be basically realized at high speed , The owner just needs to put his hand on the steering wheel , The vehicle will run automatically , When the reporter said , Maybe sometimes I call 、 What to do when receiving the video ? The salesman said ,“ It doesn't matter to let go of your hands briefly , If you need to let go for a long time , You can buy a special clip online , Clamped on the steering wheel , Just let the vehicle feel the grip .”

During the test drive, the reporter found , In fact, the assisted driving of vehicles is not credible . Although ideal ONE You can do well in the through lane “ Autonomous driving ”, But once someone suddenly changes direction or adds plug , The vehicle did not respond immediately , And driving at a constant speed , Finally, the reporter made an emergency brake when there was a collision , To avoid accidents .

In Xiaopeng experience store , When the reporter said he wanted to know about automatic driving , A salesman surnamed Li immediately said , We don't have autopilot , Only autopilot , And opened the relevant introduction video to say ,“ For details, please refer to the explanation in the video .” There is no word or language of automatic driving in the whole video .

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