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Euler, please pay tribute to our times: starting from the collision between two new cats and beetles

2021-08-28 06:27:51 Oriental Information automobile

Most Chinese brands have followed the path of imitation in the initial stage , Many also go to court with foreign brands . At that initial stage , We may not be able to wear imitation because of our poor strength “ hat ”, But today , Most Chinese brands have enough original ability , So there is no need to imitate other people's designs . Euler took off the “ hat ” Put it back , And called “ Pay tribute to ”. In the era of the rise of tide cards in China , Chinese automobile design aesthetics is booming , Don't pay tribute to this era, but pay tribute to others' classics , It doesn't make sense , Contrary to love .

Wen 丨 AutoR Zhijia jinshan

Euler, a new energy brand of Great Wall Motors, is in 8 month 14 Japanese official Xuan : New ballet cat ( Parameter picture ) Will be in 8 month 29 The opening day of 2021 Officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show .

Released simultaneously with this message , It's a side view of a ballet cat .

Even if the front and rear of the new car are not exposed , Industry insiders and car fans can also see at a glance , This shape is the same as the Volkswagen Beetle .

▲ Euler ballet cat

But this is not the first time Euler has imitated the Volkswagen Beetle , In this year 4 Held in 2021 At the Shanghai Auto Show , Euler released the punk cat , The first reaction of the market at that time was that it was too much like the early Volkswagen Beetle .

There are media reports that , Volkswagen officials said in an interview :“ Although the beetles are 2019 Officially shut down in , But its design copyright still belongs to the Volkswagen Group . Whether the Euler punk cat copied the design patent of Volkswagen , Will learn more about , And reserves the right to sue .”

▲ Euler punk cat

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