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Na Ying withdrew from the live recording of China's good voice, and netizens broke the inside story

2021-08-28 06:32:49 Oriental Information automobile

Na Ying, the queen of mainland songs 8 month 22 Announced the withdrawal of 《 The voice of China 》, And the production of the program is about to be full 10 Anniversary of the , But there are twists and turns , First, the talent show is restricted by the official units and unreasonably pursues stars , Fortunately, I can still audition , However, affected by the epidemic , Except for Jay Chou's dismissal, which was first announced by the government , Na Ying also withdrew from live recording because of her trip .

China 《 A good voice 》 The program made a long statement , If it is confirmed that Naying has other arrangements , Plus changes in the program preparation process , The epidemic has led to continuous adjustment of recording time , Although the other Party promised to return , But can only participate in the blind election stage . She can't go completely this time , In order to be responsible to the students , Assist the program to invite the famous baritone Liao Changyong to take over , Oneself with “ Cloud recording system ( network )” To participate in .

Netizens broke the news one after another : It wasn't her at first , A few days before the program was recorded , A teacher is ill and can't come , The program team talked to her , But she already has another trip , Finally agreed to save the site , But it was agreed in advance that only blind selection . In addition, some fans said : To tell you the truth, without Na Ying, what is missing from this program 、 Support sister Na Ying . What most frustrated a large audience , Naying will not continue to sit on the red chair to guide the students this time .

The program has been broadcast so far 10 year , Adjust the competition system in the latest season ,7 month 28 The Japanese government announced that Li Ronghao 、 Mr Wang 、 Li Keqin 、 Na Ying , Plus Wu Mochou 、 Jike Junyi 、 Zhang Bichen 、 Huang Xiaoyun served as tutor and teaching assistant , Now, Liao Changyong , The audience response remains to be seen .

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