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Zhang Yuqi quit the variety show and tore the platform by hand, which embarrassed mango. Did the "sober sister in the world" overturn?

2021-08-28 06:42:16 Tencent Entertainment

Zhang Yuqi , Rely on last year's popular variety show 《 My sister 》 Conflagration , It has been favored by many variety shows , And joined the happy family .

However , She recently tore up the program group for a variety show , And there was a hot search , Make mango stand very “ Embarrassment ”.

What's going on here ? Always with “ The world is sober ” Is the famous Zhang Yuqi really sober this time ?


Here's the thing .

On a variety show 《 The love of daughters 》 in , Zhang Yuqi went to the variety show with her boyfriend .

In the program, they get along very well , Also sprinkled a lot of sugar for the audience .

Although the age gap is large , But they didn't feel uncomfortable .

It was a very good thing , However , When the program broadcast a paragraph about Zhang Yuqi and her boyfriend acting , It has caused a lot of controversy on the Internet .

In the notice , Zhang Yuqi and her boyfriend talked about the planning and ideas for the performing arts career .

Li Bingxi said he wanted to shoot , And Zhang Yuqi responded to his words :

“ Not everyone can be an actor , I don't have the ability to cover the sky , I can't help you with anything , It's important to walk independently .”

This paragraph has aroused the doubts of netizens , Even for boyfriends Li Bingxi's “ Eat hard with soft rice ” And so on .

With the ferment of public opinion , Zhang Yuqi quit the program recording .

She said , I have been in the industry for more than ten years , I've been working with mango station very happily before , And I have regarded the mango platform as my own “ Mother's family ”.

However , This time I can't accept being “ Malicious clips ” Things about .

“ Praise my editing by stepping on him , Inappropriate .”

Obviously , This time Zhang Yuqi is for her boyfriend , And the mango stand tore apart .


Audiences who are familiar with Zhang Yuqi know very well , She had two marriages .

I was on a variety show 《 My sister's love journey 》 in , I met my boyfriend now , Although the boyfriend is small, he 8 year , But it can be seen that , Their relationship is still very good .

Be able to defend your boyfriend , Many netizens also think Zhang Yuqi is very “ Just. ”.

However , Hand tear program group , It still takes a lot of courage .

Zhang Yuqi in the early stage , There are still some popular works , such as 《 White Deer Plain 》《 Mermaid 》 Wait for the TV series .

And in recent years , Her important exposure channel is variety show , Especially the cooperation with mango station .

Last year's variety show 《 My sister 》 Broadcast , Zhang Yuqi's personal design is very flattering .

“ The sober Qizi in the world ”, Although the singing and dancing ability is average , But with a lively and lovely character , Attracted a lot of fans , Finally, it succeeded in forming a group , Won a lot of endorsements , Enhance their business value .


so to speak , Her popularity in recent years is mainly achieved through cooperation with mango .

After sister Lang , She also replaced Shana , Presided over the happy camp .

so to speak , This layer is more closely related .

Mango's variety show , Repeated explosion .

The program wants to get hot , In the clip , It is necessary to cut out the most controversial propaganda .

For example, the recently popular 《 My brother 》, Zhao Wenzhuo and Lin Zhixuan because “ turn the air conditioner on ” On the hot search .

I believe neither brother is stingy , Zhao Wenzhuo also said that changing his room has nothing to do with the air conditioner .

The reason why it gives the audience such an illusion , It has something to do with editing .

This is inevitable .

Zhang Yuqi's “ Open tear ”, It really embarrassed the program team .

Mango stand has always been very tough , After this , The platform also issued a statement .

The tone is still very euphemistic , But it is obvious that the attitude of the platform .

For example, this sentence “ We are always in awe , True record ”, It also said that the full video of the two will be played unreservedly in the next season .

so , In the process of editing , Mango still thinks it's real .

For variety shows , There may be inconsistencies in the time period of editing , But the content of the clip is basically true .

What the stars haven't said , It's impossible to give... For no reason “ Ann, come on ”.

And as a guest , Can join such a topic variety show , Be prepared to be edited .

Heat is about fluence .

Compared with sister Lang “ Be transparent ”, The old editor feels that Zhang Yuqi's practice this time is not very “ awake ”.

Sister tranquility once said boldly , I can come to the variety show , It doesn't matter how you edit .

“ If you have the ability, you can cut ! I can afford to play .”

In this way “ Compressive ability ”, To stand in the entertainment industry for decades , This sentence is for Zhang Yuqi .

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