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Novice Xiaobai's car buying guide! Four 100000 class models with high cost performance and economical fuel consumption

2021-08-28 06:43:54 Oriental Information automobile

Although buying a car is no longer a rare thing , But for most novice Xiaobai , Buying a car is not easy . Because they don't know much about cars , So it's easy to “ Step on thunder ”. that , To avoid that , Xiaobian today specially integrated 4 A car that can close your eyes , They are not only cost-effective , Fuel economy , The appearance interior is also very close to the current aesthetic trend of consumers . add 10 The price of 10000 yuan , It is absolutely in line with novice Xiaobai's expectations for family cars . Okay , I don't say much nonsense , Let's take a look at this 4 Who are all these cars .

changan CS35 PLUS First of all, the first one is from Chang'an's “ star ” models , Yes, it was very popular some time ago changan CS35 PLUS. changan CS35 PLUS Position as small SUV, The price for 6.99 ten thousand —10.99 ten thousand . The appearance of the car belongs to the model of very radical sports , Although it is small SUV, But it feels very domineering . and , The interior is also avant-garde enough . The power part carries 1.4T Follow 1.6L, The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is 6 about , For wage earners , Really friendly .

roewe i5 Next, let's talk about the second model , roewe i5. There is one saying. , The Roewe of SAIC Group i5 Is absolutely 10 In ten thousand “ Jue Jue Zi ”. In addition to having a dynamic and fashionable appearance , Its configuration is also quite kind . What tire pressure display , The body is stable ,306 Degree panoramic image , Automatic parking , Uphill assistance, etc , It has everything in it , You need to know the price of this car 6.79 ten thousand , add 8 Thousands of preferential rates , Isn't it fragrant ? It is understandable to say that it is the king of cost performance , If you have a limited budget , Consider it .

Toyota weichi said two domestic cars , Everyone must be tired of watching . So this third car , Let's introduce Toyota weichi, a joint venture . Although Toyota weichi is a joint venture , But it's still very good in cost performance ,7.38 The price of 10000 makes it stand out in the same level , Plus a hundred kilometers down to 4.9 The fuel consumption , And three stable pieces , It's really a good car worth starting .

Honda fit is the last one , It can be said that it is a collection of security , Low fuel consumption , Household scooter with good performance and many other advantages . you 're right , It is the well-known honda fit . Although there are many kinds of products in the current automobile market , But it does not affect its position in people's mind . Plus the power and good handling , Make it very popular with consumers . and , Its price is also very attractive , In general, the fit car is a good civilian car .

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