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Tank 600 officially changed its name to tank 500, and Chengdu auto show welcomed the world's first show

2021-08-28 06:44:08 Oriental Information automobile

The Chengdu International Auto Show postponed due to the epidemic will be held in 8 month 29 Opening day , At that time, the major automobile brands will show their own brilliance , Have launched their own specialty cars . among , The tank has a brand-new brand with high attention SUV It will also make its debut at Chengdu International Auto Show , According to the official news , This product may be initially named tanks 600 The model was officially renamed tank 500, Let's see .

aesthetic , tanks 500 It's a tank brand, following the tank 300 Then another hard core model was launched , It deeply interprets the brand of tanks “ Iron Man tenderness ”. The front air inlet grille of the new car adopts polygonal design , The exterior is equipped with a strong frame , The interior also uses wide banner chrome trim , The central position is inlaid with the latest of tank brand LOGO , Hard core temperament reveals a sense of delicacy . The square headlamp groups on both sides have high recognition , Match with the bulging lines on the hood and the thick front surround , Very tough beauty .

The body side , The side shape of the new car is very powerful , The concave convex shape adds a sense of hierarchy to the vehicle . Slightly flared wheel arch , With chrome wheels , It deeply shows the tank 500 Strong and tender design style . Besides , The new car adopts non load bearing body structure , The off-road performance was further improved , It is adaptable to all road conditions .

The rear part , The tail of the new car adopts a square and straight design , The tail lamp groups on both sides adopt vertical design , Match with large external spare tire , Further demonstrate its off-road performance , Highly recognizable .

motivation , The new car will be equipped with the flagship car independently developed by Great Wall Motors “3.0T+9AT” powertrain , among , The maximum power of the engine is up to 260kW, Maximum torque 500N·m, Able to adapt to the highway 、 mountain path 、 sand 、 Mud and other complex road conditions . also , In double VGT Under the support of supercharger , The new car can give passengers a strong feeling of pushing their backs during acceleration . Besides , The engine is also equipped with P0 48V Light mixed system , Not only can it bring a smooth senseless starting experience , It also has a good performance in fuel economy . Matching 9AT The transmission , It is also the first vertical product independently developed by domestic brands 9AT, It can greatly reduce the fuel consumption of high-speed Cruise , Improve the convenience of long-distance crossing .

From appearance to power , tanks 500 it , It deeply explains that as a medium and large-scale luxury business SUV The potential energy of the product should be . As the second product of tank brand , We believe it will help the tank brand further .

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