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Another domestic "dark horse" is coming! The endurance can reach 600 km. It is equipped with rimless doors and needs fire

2021-08-28 06:47:15 Oriental Information automobile

Now , Because the performance of domestic cars is getting better and better , Let the Chinese people gradually put down their prejudice against them . however , In other words, these domestic independent brands are really striving , After so many years of hard work , Finally straightened his waist , There has been a qualitative leap in quality and three major parts , Plus the price is more friendly to the people than the joint venture car , And the rich configuration , It soon won the recognition and respect of consumers .

meanwhile , Domestic cars have not only made good achievements in traditional fuel vehicles , It has also taken the lead in the field of new energy . In addition to BYD, the domestic “ Big brother ” Outside , Over the years , Many new forces of car making have also emerged , For example, Wei Lai , Xiaopeng and so on . see , Except for those hot brands , Another domestic product “ Dark horse ” New energy has been born ! Yes, it's the co creation we're going to introduce to you today Z03.

Maybe speaking of this car , People don't know much about it , After all, the popularity of this car is really not as good as those mainstream brands . however , Although the car lacks some influence , But this does not hinder its own product power . that , No more nonsense. Let's take a look Co creation Z03 How's your performance .

First, CO creation Z03 The appearance design of has its own distinct personality , Although the positioning is compact pure electric SUV, But its overall design is very radical , And the sports atmosphere is very strong . Besides , Its headlights also have light language mode , Welcome mode and farewell mode , When you start or lock the car, it will start , Not to mention how cool the scene was . On the side of the car , Strong sense of fluency , Cooperate with concealed door handle and frameless door , It greatly improves its sense of grade .

Secondly, let's take a look at the interior part , Co creation Z03 The interior design of is inclined to simple style , The embracing cockpit is matched with black and white , Coupled with exquisite workmanship and kind materials , It makes the whole look very advanced and stylish . And if what's the most eye-catching thing in the car ? That's definitely its LCD screen like Tetris , The LCD screen not only has a sense of design , At the same time, its intelligent interactive system is also very avant-garde technology .

Finally, we are more concerned about the power part , Through understanding, we know , Co creation Z03 It is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor , coordination NCM811 The battery pack , Easy endurance 600 km , To tell you the truth, this endurance is really no worse than Tesla . Add only 14 Ten thousand in advance , It's really hard to think without fire !

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