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Japanese cars love CVT. Why do Chinese dislike it?

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When people buy cars , Not only the model will be considered 、 Price , And also consider the safety of this car and how the three major parts . The three major parts in a car refer to the engine 、 Transmission and chassis . At present, the manufacturing technology of both joint venture cars and domestic cars is much better than before , At present, the marketing strategy of many domestic cars is to focus on 15 Automobile market below 10000 yuan , Because this price range is the most concentrated range of consumption in the Chinese market , Limited to this price range , The cars produced , Whether it's configuration 、 Space and other aspects are more demanding than joint venture vehicles , Only in this way can it be recognized by consumers , To get better sales .


Tongge recommends various models to you every day , But there are a lot of fans in the backstage comment area who will say : Most domestic cars now use double clutch gearbox , Worried about the high failure rate , Dare not buy . When tongge recommends other domestic cars or Japanese cars , And they said : These are used for CVT transmission , Not good either. . Brother Tong talked about double clutch gearbox before , So let's talk to you today CVT transmission .

#1  CVT The principle of transmission


In the beginning , In fact, the double clutch gearbox is not the patent of Japanese cars , As early as 1886 The use of V Type rubber belt CVT As a gearbox for gasoline vehicles . stay 1958 year , In the Netherlands DAF The company has successfully developed a double V Rubber belt type CVT, And carry out market-oriented sales , Sales have exceeded 100 Thousands of cars . stay 1987 Beginning of the year , Development of electronic control system by Subaru, Japan CVT, And assembled in Justy models , And in the 1987 In the second half of , Ford launched in Europe with CVT The Ford Fiesta with gearbox , Fiat of Italy launched CVT Transmission Uno models . Including European car brands such as Audi , There are also many models equipped with CVT transmission .


CVT The full name of the transmission is (Continuously Variable Transmission), And AT、DCT The transmission is different ,CVT It's a continuously variable transmission , The gears in the traditional step transmission are replaced by a pair of pulleys and a steel belt , The pulley block is composed of two vertebral discs V Shape structure , The engine shaft is connected with a small pulley , The large pulley is driven by a steel belt , So as to output power . therefore CVT The volume of the gearbox can be smaller , And the principle is simpler .


AT transmission

commonly AT Both the gearbox and the double clutch gearbox have many gears , such as 8AT transmission , There is 8 Gears with different gear ratios ,7 Fast double clutch gearbox , There is, there is 7 Different gears . and CVT In fact, there is no saying of gear , So we'll see on the configuration table for CVT The description of the gearbox will generally be :CVT( simulation 10 files ). because CVT There is no transformation and connection between gear sets in the transmission , So ride comfort is CVT The biggest advantage of the gearbox .

#2  CVT Advantages and disadvantages


CVT Advantages of gearbox :

1. CVT There is no interruption of shift power and shift impact in the transmission , So the power output is more linear when the vehicle accelerates 、 Smoother .

2. CVT The transmission efficiency of the gearbox is high , And better fuel economy . because CVT When the speed of the transmission increases , No gear shift , Therefore, there will be no power interruption between the engine and the gearbox , Transmission efficiency ratio AT It's better to wait for the gearbox .CVT In theory, there can be an infinite number of gears , Gear setting is more free , Gear ratio in traditional transmission system 、 Speed ratio and performance 、 Fuel consumption 、 Balance of exhaust emissions , Are easier to achieve .

3. before CVT The transmission cannot withstand excessive torque , But with the development of Technology , at present CVT The gearbox has been able to withstand 400N·m torque , Power take-off for most family cars . And there are some CVT In order to enhance the torque tolerance of the transmission , Also joined the 1 Starting dimension of gear , In this way, it will be more practical .


CVT The disadvantages of the gearbox :

1. Lack of driving fun , Many young people prefer to pursue the pleasure of car driving ,AT Or the dual clutch gearbox can let the driver experience the rhythm of shifting , And the vehicle speed can be freely controlled through the paddle , and CVT The gearbox is boring to drive .

2. CVT The manufacturing cost of gearbox is slightly higher , Universal reliability does not AT The gearbox is so ideal , And if you don't do it properly , The probability of problems is higher . however CVT Transmission in many cases , It cannot be repaired. It can only be replaced as a whole , This is the direct cause of its high maintenance cost .

3. The sports car 、 The car 、 Hardline SUVs, etc , Because their working condition positioning requires the engine to provide stronger torque , and CVT Due to the use of steel belt connection , Problems such as slipping and gearbox failure are easy to occur during large torque output , So it's not suitable for this kind of vehicle .

#3  At the end


Each gearbox has its own advantages and disadvantages , But judging from the various transmissions on the market ,AT The gearbox is still the one with the lowest trial and error cost . Whether it's AT、DCT still CVT transmission , In the final analysis, how does it feel to drive , The most important thing is to see how well car companies can adjust their vehicles . Adjust well DCT perhaps AT The gearbox can also drive smoothly , And a poorly adjusted gearbox , Shifting is slow , Low speed shift stumbling and other situations are still common . Do manual work 、 Good in adjustment CVT transmission , Can do the same 20W Km no fault , And can also withstand large torque output .

I want to say , Don't because of a certain car , Because of the use of a certain gearbox, it is not included in the scope of purchase , The important thing is that car companies build cars 、 How about the technology and skill of vehicle adjustment , And when you're driving , Also develop good car habits .

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