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Huashan lunjian | test drive Xingyue L: no opponent within 200000

2021-08-28 07:02:27 Wechat automobile

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Although I've had a static experience several times L, And also participated in its 7 month 20 Listing on the evening of , But when I really get in the driver's seat , Hold the steering wheel and step on the accelerator , Still can't help sighing : “ It's so sweet !


This is a good car visible to the naked eye , With an atmosphere 、 A dignified and delicate front face , The shield type air inlet grille adopts the straight waterfall medium grid , Both sides LED The headlights are connected to the air inlet grille ; From the side , The lines of the car body stretch smoothly , With one ; Plus through taillights , Metal chrome plated trim strip at the bottom , It looks simple but full of advanced feeling .


This is not my own evaluation . Basically all the people who have seen the stars L People in photos or real cars , They all have a high evaluation of their appearance design . This consensus applauds , Mainly from the new models launched on the market , Although each has its own characteristics , But like the stars L This does not deliberately pursue some cumbersome lines 、 Exaggerated muscle sense and youth , Not much .

It's like we're used to seeing the net red face , Suddenly there came a no powder 、 The heroic Lin Qingxia , I can't help yelling : “ good !


interiors , The more stars L It's also unforgettable . As far as the eye can see , The first is the through three screen design —— Three 12.3 Inch full LCD Meter 、 Central control screen and copilot entertainment screen , Not only is it full of luxury and Technology , And it has a great visual impact . and , These three screens are not decorations , In actual operation , Powerful , Use it fluently , Moreover, the navigation of the central control screen can be directly moved to the full LCD instrument through gestures , Make the navigation display clearer .


Because my test drive is 2.0TD High work -8AT Of 4 Drive high configuration version , Equipped with AR-HUD Looked up and show , There are very clear fishbone signs , therefore , Basically, you don't have to look down at the navigation , Very convenient , It is also conducive to driving safety .

In addition to the full sense of Technology , The more stars L The sense of luxury is also “ Dimension reduction blow ”. A large area of white and brownish red leather is used in the car , At the same time, the seat 、 The roof and interior upholstery are also used in other accessible places Alcantara Suede material , Not only does it feel very good , And very classy . Below the triple screen , It is an integrated air conditioning outlet , And physical keys that look a bit like piano panels , This is also deep in my heart .


What is more classy is , The more stars L Pick up the Bose The sound system , It's not just Bose Unique digital signal processing technology , As well as ANC Active noise reduction function , Bring better hearing enjoyment . in addition , The more stars L also 72 Color custom atmosphere lamp , Further increase the luxury of the interior .

Although we often say , You can't “ Judge people by outward appearance ”, But in fact , Many people are often “ Fall in love at first sight ”, Appearance and interior design play a more and more important role in the process of buying a car , That's why “ Beauty is justice ” That's what I'm saying .


and , as everyone knows , The more stars L The size is also excellent . Its length, width and height are respectively 4770mm×1895mm×1689mm, Wheelbase is to achieve 2845mm, Not only completely surpass Toyota velanda 、 Honda CR-V、 View of the public way L And Nissan Qijun and many other mainstream joint venture brands compact class SUV models , Even press the Honda crown road which is good at space 、 Peugeot 5008、 Chevrolet explorer, etc SUV.


Some people say , The more stars L It's in medium size 、 tight Make up the price , Reduce the dimension of joint venture competitive products . But according to Lin Jie, senior vice president of Geely Automobile , The more stars L Will become the future compact SUV Standards for .

Set the standard , Not only in body size and space , More reflected in intelligence 、 Power matching and vehicle quality , This is also my test drive Xingyue L after , A very strong feeling —— This is a paragraph 20 There is no rival model within 10000 yuan , even to the extent that , If you don't consider the brand premium ,25 There is no effective competitor within 10000 yuan .


Why do you say that ?

Take dynamic performance as an example , My test drive was 2.0T Drive-E Series engine , Match with Aisin 8AT Gearbox and BorgWarner timely 4WD system , From the data point of view, it is enough to kill a lot of competitors : The most powerful 175kW, Peak torque 350N·m, The 100km acceleration is only 7.7 second 、 The braking distance of 100 km is only 37.37 rice , The elk test score is 79㎞/h……

See such a set of data , Many people may murmur in their hearts : Is it really so strong ?


The actual driving experience is more surprising : The steering wheel is very light , The power output is very uniform , I can hardly feel the setback , Acceleration overtaking performance is also very sharp , Even if it is “ The small white ” user , It's easy to start with . in addition , The more stars L Also has a “ economic ”、“ comfortable ”、“ motion ”、“ intelligence ”、“ cross-country ” and “ The snow ” etc. 6 Driving mode , If you put it in motion mode , The more stars L The shift timing will be appropriately delayed , And cooperate with the super pressurization mode to increase the feeling of pushing the back , The output torque of the engine can also be increased 30N·m to 380N·m. Need to know , quite a lot “ app ” The peak torque is only 200 many N·m.

therefore , Under normal driving conditions , Just set the mode to smart or comfortable .

During the test drive , I've been thinking , Such a good car , Why can Geely do it 13.72-18.52 Ten thousand yuan ? If you change Volkswagen or Toyota , On this basis, add 5 ten thousand , I guess it's still the rhythm of being robbed and exploded ? in the final analysis , Although in recent years, with the improvement of Chinese brand product power , Users' recognition and acceptance of Chinese brands are increasing , But in terms of brand premium , There is still a gap with mainstream joint venture brands .


This is the reality and helplessness that we must face up to . In this sense , We should strengthen ourselves .

On the other hand , As the stars grow L The product power of is recognized by more people , Its sales will certainly continue to increase , However, due to the shortage of chips , This year, Xingyue L I'm afraid it's hard to guarantee your production capacity , This has to be said to be a rather regrettable thing .

therefore , My advice is : If you're going to buy one 20 About ten thousand compact SUV, Be sure to test drive Xingyue L, It will be helpful to your decision . Perhaps it is the confidence in the power of their products , Geely in the star L When it comes to the market , Will put forward “ No comparison 、 Don't try 、 Not for sale ” The slogan of the .


in addition , If you plan to buy Xingyue L, Be sure to place an order as soon as possible , On the one hand, you can enjoy every day 25 A waiting allowance of yuan , On the one hand, I can pick up the car early . After all , There is a growing shortage of chips , What will happen in the second half of the year , It's hard for anyone to say now . Pick up the car early , Enjoy , You said no ?

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