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Is it so difficult to chase girls now to chase the subway, narrow roads and high-speed roads? Fortunately, I have the fifth generation Tousheng L

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I take the subway to work every day as long as 20 minute , And you have to drive 30 minute !

I'm just in a traffic jam , Otherwise, it must be faster than you !


One theme is “ City Hunter ” The city hunt began slowly .

The hunter will hunt the fox , Both positions can be refreshed every three minutes . If in 4 The hunt was successful within an hour , Then the hunter wins , On the contrary, the fox wins , When the game reaches the third hour , Release the ultimate mission , Taking the lead in completing the ultimate task will also be regarded as a victory .

On the way, the fox is free to choose the means of transportation , metro 、 A bike 、 Walk ...( Cost budget 30 element )

And the hunter will drive the fifth generation Tucson L Conduct a chase .


Will choose the fifth generation Tucson L As a combat partner in the urban pursuit war , First of all, because : Level of appearance .

The chrome plated decorative strip on the dark mesh is very eye-catching , When the split headlamp goes out, it is integrated with the medium mesh grille .

Face before



From the side

The car body has sharp edges and corners , The line design is rigid .

The tail is layered , The penetrating tail lamp is matched with the eagle claw shape , Stylish and powerful .



While looking good , And run fast .

When chasing the subway , The fifth generation Tucson L It depends on mechanical quality . Pick up the 1.5T The high-power engine can burst out the maximum power 147KW, Maximum torque 253N·m, This figure has even reached 2.0T The level of . The point is that it also uses CVVD technology , While providing super power performance, the fuel consumption is also very low , 100km fuel consumption only 6L.


In the face of such a long chase , The fifth generation Tucson L What is needed is not only plenty of motivation , And make the driver feel comfortable .


Unique to the same level BLE Bluetooth key , It can turn on the mobile phone / Lock the door 、 Start the vehicle 、 Entertainment system linkage . Turn on the air conditioner in the car with your mobile phone in advance , When you get on the bus, you are greeted by a carriage environment with appropriate temperature . And the car adopts concealed airless air conditioning , The shape is simple and the air supply is soft .


Front McPherson independent suspension , Structure of rear multi link independent suspension , The whole is soft and ductile , During driving, the chassis can filter out most of the bumps on the road . To make a long story short , The overall driving experience is comfortable .

Of course , The fifth generation Tucson L It's more than that .

“ The unity of wisdom and mind ” Driving AIDS , Integrated 23 term ADAS function , Can provide L2+ Level automatic driving , In addition to conventional adaptive cruise control 、 In addition to lane keeping AIDS , It can also realize automatic deceleration in the road speed limit range and then restore the original speed , Avoid penalty points .


As a compact class SUV, The fifth generation Tucson L Have 4670mm*1865mm*1690mm Body size ,2755mm The longest wheelbase at the same level , When the rear seats are fully flat , The boot space can reach 1904L, Not at all “L” Name .


The fifth generation Tucson L New car price :16.18-20.18 Ten thousand yuan . And you will also enjoy five value-added courtesies when buying a car :

Present with compulsory insurance 、 Commercial insurance, all auto insurance " Control " Linghaoli ;

The owner of the first Beijing Hyundai car will give a lifetime free maintenance " Control " OK, worry free ;

The down payment for car purchase includes purchase tax 1 Ten thousand yuan 、 The highest 3 Annual interest free " Control " Enjoy freedom ;

The brand replacement subsidy 8000 Yuan other brands 5000 yuan " Control " Change your heart ;

30 Days are refundable and exchangeable 1 year 9 fold /2 year 7.5 Discount rate " Control " Guaranteed value .


There's such a cool looking car 、 Enough motivation 、 fuel-efficient 、 Comfortable and intimate fifth generation Tucson L As a partner , The outcome of the City Chase , Did you guess ?

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