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An old oil truck owner made a moderate experience of Weilai ES6

2021-08-28 07:10:31 Oriental Information automobile

Borrowed a Wei Lai at the weekend ES6 opened 200 Many kilometers , As an old oil truck owner, I had a moderate experience , Let's briefly summarize , Make a reference for students who want to buy new energy vehicles or Weilai .

1. The appearance is really beautiful , Not only Wei Lai , I think many domestic cars have surpassed imported and joint venture models in design . In the simplest way , I'm used to the hidden handle , Looking at any other car with handles, I think it's an era behind . But many companies have not yet formed a unified design language , But I believe it will get up slowly .

2. Low vehicle cost will be an important factor for many users who just need to turn to new energy vehicles in the future . I opened 200 Many kilometers , Why do you want all the oil cars at the same price 150-200 Yuan for oil , For electricity, only 35-40. And I set the power recovery to the lowest , Occasionally, when the floor oil accelerates rapidly .

3. The tram accelerated very fast , And most importantly , Mid course acceleration is not like an oil truck , Can give you a sense of linear acceleration . from 60-110 Suddenly I went up , Often unconsciously speeding .

4. Although the acceleration is fast , But the brake is no different from an oil truck , Maybe it's one of the reasons why trams are easy to cause accidents to people . Indeed, many new car owners have never driven such a fast car , It is strongly recommended that novices drive trams carefully .

5. Another advantage of trams is that there is no exhaust , You can sleep in the car with the air conditioner on , Don't worry about emissions and safety . Find a place to have a little rest at noon , With the massage function of Weilai seat, it's still very cool .

6. Wei Lai said that his benchmark is Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi . Objectively speaking, there is a sense of luxury , However, the thickness and driving experience of the chassis are not up to , It's better than Japanese cars at the same price . I didn't know until I tried it .

7. The tire noise is still very loud , Maybe the positioning is biased , Once on the highway , That sound plus the sound of the motor can't be ignored . That's what I think BBA One of the reasons for the difference .

8. Wei Lai has a better , Yes, you can minimize power recovery , This is similar to the driving experience of an oil truck , Lifting your foot from the switch doesn't slow down immediately . It's a good function for new students . Tesla won't let you adjust now , If I drive on a single pedal, I will get carsick . It's best to experience what you haven't driven before ... It really takes time to adapt .

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