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SAIC mingjue MG6 xpower, an official modified racing car

2021-08-28 07:10:37 Oriental Information automobile

MG6 XPOWER A lot of smooth lines are used on the side of the car body , The wheel hub adopts a large convex wide body design . The vehicle can further increase the downforce when driving at high speed , Low visual effect . Besides , On the details , Apply black embellishment , Further increase the sense of advancement . It is worth noting that ,MG6 XPOWER With Michelin pilot sport cup 2 High performance sports tires and black forged wheels . among , The most eye-catching green calipers are from Britain Alcon The company's 920e Racing accessories , And equipped with 6 Front wheel brake pistons . Official claims ,MG6 XPOWER At an hour 100-0 The braking distance at km is only 33 rice .

MG6 XPOWER At the back of the car , There is a in the claw tail lamp X Shaped sign , Very easy to identify . The large carbon fiber spoiler on the luggage compartment lid provides 84 kg Maximum downforce of . The exhaust layout with four exhaust ports on both sides and the exaggerated black rear diffuser make it sporty .

MG6 XPOWER In the interior , Wrapped in a lot of Alcantara texture of material , sporty . In addition to the regular function buttons , The three panel flat bottom steering wheel in front of the driver is also designed MG6 The red on the steering wheel “Super Sport” Button . Besides , Seats are also a highlight . It adopts an integrated design , Also made of leather and Alcantara material . During intense driving , It can provide greater friction between the body and the seat . As can be seen from the details , It uses a green sewing process , And add the xpower badge . On the details , A number is also designed next to the threshold badge . Each model sold in the future has its own unique code , It's full of ritual .

mg 6 XPOWER In terms of motivation , The new car will be equipped with 1.5T Plug in hybrid system composed of engine and motor , The most powerful 305 horsepower , Maximum torque 480n·M. And 10 speed edu The second generation of intelligent electric transmission gearbox ,0-100km/h The acceleration time is only 6 second , The braking distance is only 33 rice ( Official test results ). Chassis , mg 6 XPOWER Equipped with enhanced McPherson front suspension and high-performance single cylinder shock absorber . After new adjustment , The overall attitude of the new car is reduced 10 mm .

in general , mg 6 XPOWER The official revision of is indeed bold and personalized . With dynamic appearance design and solid materials , We can see a completely different Chinese performance car . I also look forward to the future market performance and sports performance of this car , Isn't that what we young people really need ? It gives us a different driving experience . Through the original modification , Legal compliance can be achieved 、 Technically reliable results . This practice is really worth learning from other domestic manufacturers .

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