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How about Wuling journey new car? Large space wide body business car, more than 9 seats

2021-08-28 07:12:17 Oriental Information automobile

Wuling's brand new 9 A new business car is being heated up , This super large space wide body business car named Wuling journey is coming soon ! Recently, I want to buy a cost-effective business car , You can wait , I think Wuling journey is worth looking forward to . I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce Wuling journey new car , I hope it can be a little help to those motorists who want to know how Wuling journey .

Simple and tough , First of all, let's talk about the appearance of Wuling journey , The beauty of Wuling journey , I think it's an advantage , After all, business cars , Be handsome when you drive out , Always have face . The overall design of Wuling journey body mainly reflects simplicity and toughness , A lot of rectangular elements and straight lines , Inverted trapezoidal large-size medium network , And the square front and rear , Can reflect the minimalist business style , On the premise of full business temperament , There is also some sportsmanship , Personally, I feel that the extended version of Land Rover has an instant vision !

It is worth mentioning that , Wuling ZhengTu adopts the design of middle row double side sliding door for the first time in the same level , And the doors on both sides can be pushed and pulled to open at the same time , Increase the sense of grade , In the business scene, it is more impressive , The sense of quality is outstanding .

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