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Founder design, strong performance, Mercedes Benz eqg concept car will appear in Munich auto show

2021-08-28 07:44:14 Oriental Information automobile

Fellow riders , Hello everyone ! Today's car selection network brings you the latest news of today's car market , Please click to follow the car selection network , Learn the latest car information at the first time .

In recent days, , Car selection network learned from relevant channels , Mercedes - Mercedes Benz will be in 9 Mercedes Benz was displayed at the Munich auto show, which opened in June EQG Concept car , Its concept car will take the lead in 4x4² Model debut . It's worth mentioning , Refer to the previously exposed information , Mass production models to 2024 It was launched in , Then Mercedes - Mercedes Benz's mainstream models will have electrified versions , In the age of electrification , It must have better competitiveness .

According to the plan , Mercedes - Mercedes Benz will show the era of electrification EQG The exterior and interior of . Refer to previous reports , Mercedes EQG Probably not like EQS and EQE Extended SUV The model is the same , There is a separate model platform . More Than This , Mercedes Benz said it launched earlier EQC4x4² Will be the inspiration for the new car , In maintaining G Class unique shape at the same time , Add electric elements , So the design of this car is expected to be very excellent .

Choose your point of view : Mercedes - Mercedes EQC4x4² It is an earlier product based on EQC And build a new model , Have strong ability to get out of difficulties . If its power is replaced by pure electric power this time , So at low speed , The performance of this car will be even better .

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