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Roewe i5 GT configuration announced, come and have a look

2021-08-28 07:44:27 Oriental Information automobile

today , SAIC Roewe officially released its new car roewe i5 GT Configuration information of vehicle model : The new car will launch three configurations , Named as 1.5T GT Wind speed version 、1.5T GT Sonic version and 1.5T GT Speed of light version . meanwhile , The new car will be in 8 month 29 It was officially launched at the Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th . At present, it is the autonomous sports car market with frequent new cars , roewe I5 GT The addition of will once again strengthen consumers' attention to this field . With the growing lineup of autonomous sports cars , In a competitive environment , Who can laugh last ?

In this year's 8 At the beginning of , SAIC has released Roewe i5 GT The official figure , But the power of the new car 、 Configuration and other information have also been delayed for a long time , In the following 20 Over the course of many days . roewe i5 GT As Roewe i5 Sports upgrade , It is undeniable that the new car adds many young and dynamic design elements to its appearance , Oversized front grille and interior with dragon scale lines . meanwhile , Cool black Roewe LOGO It also adds a lot of crazy and cool temperament to the front face . in addition , The size of the air intakes on both sides of the front is also exaggerated , Sharp C The shape of the characters has great visual impact . Just the front of the car , roewe i5 GT Compared with Rongwei i5 The sense of movement has been significantly improved .

Compared with the front of the car , roewe I5 GT The profile looks fresh and simple , However, its outstanding double waist line design also well shows the dynamic and tension of the model . In terms of body size , roewe i5 GT Long 、 wide 、 High respectively 4615/1818/1489mm, The wheelbase is 2680mm, The body length is slightly longer than i5. On the rear design , roewe I5 GT A through chrome trim strip is used to connect the tail lights on both sides , The bilateral single exhaust and the surrounding of moving spoiler are also very moving .

Besides looking youthful and athletic ,90 After that, consumers also value the power of the car . roewe I5 GT use 1.5T+7DCT Dynamic combination of , It is also the most mainstream power combination in sports models of the same level . In detail , roewe I5 GT Equipped with a 1.5T The engine , Maximum horsepower is 173 horse , Peak torque is 275 cattle · rice , The overall parameters are relatively strong . meanwhile , With the help of 350bar High pressure fuel injection technology 、 depth M loop 、 Electronically controlled turbocharger and other engine technologies , roewe i5 GT The official fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 5.9 l . Besides , roewe i5 GT Will also be equipped with SSPS Speed sensing power steering system , This configuration will greatly improve the driving sense of the vehicle .

without doubt , In the future, the whole domestic sports car market will develop rapidly , More new cars will enter . In the increasingly fierce competition , We also see that major brands are designing 、 power 、 Spare no effort in the sense of science and Technology . Of course , In such a benign competition , It is natural for consumers to make profits . We are also looking forward to the launch of more sports cars with excellent quality by major brands .

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