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BYD F3, a model for everyone to know BYD

2021-08-28 07:44:30 Oriental Information automobile

Which domestic brand is the most popular nowadays , I believe many people will think of BYD . With the increasing popularity of new energy outlets , BYD's brand influence has gradually increased , add DMI Introduction of Super Hybrid Technology , carrying DMI Hybrid technology models are also very popular . Even more, there has been a shortage of Supply , If you want to buy a car carrying DMI A technical model , It takes two or three months , It can be seen that BYD is hot . in addition , In the field of pure electric , BYD's blade battery is also unique in the industry , It has high security .

BYD not only shines in the new energy market , It also has a good performance in the capital market , The continuous rise of stock prices is a good proof . Today BYD's success is not accidental , But step by step , And how did BYD let everyone know it in the beginning ? I want the author to say , There is a model that can be said to have contributed , It's BYD F3.

I believe many people are interested in BYD F3 Are very impressed , Even the first car many people come into contact with is BYD F3. Take the author for example , When I first learned my driver's license , The vehicle for driving school practice is BYD F3. Why can this car quickly build popularity ? Mainly because BYD F3 Very similar to the Toyota Corolla at that time . As a newly started domestic car enterprise , Imitation must be the fastest and most stable way , In fact, many car companies started by imitation , Even Toyota is no exception .

Byd in F3 In the research and development of vehicle models , In fact, it refers to many models , Rely on continuous disassembly to do reverse research and development , Finally produced BYD F3 This model , And its price is much cheaper than the benchmark Toyota Corolla , When it was first launched, the starting price was 7.28 ten thousand , Then the price was reduced to 5.98 Ten thousand yuan . At that time, the Toyota Corolla was sold 14 ten thousand , Such a price difference , Jean BYD F3 Popular , Sales soared .

With BYD F3 After successful experience , BYD has launched many more models through reverse research and development , meanwhile , BYD's own technology accumulation is becoming richer and richer . today , We see that BYD has mastered many unique core technologies , And the reason why these technologies can be mastered , It's all because BYD F3 A good start . For BYD F3 This model , What do you think ? Leave a comment in the comments section .

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