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Chery ant's new car, which has been bought for ten days, has suddenly lost its power many times

2021-08-28 07:52:37 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , a Chery ant car reported to the media , Your vehicle suddenly loses power while driving , For the personal safety of the personnel in the vehicle , There are very serious potential safety hazards . It also said that its vehicle was just started 10 My new car , There it is 3 A sudden loss of power .

Mr. Li, the owner of the car, said ,8 month 7 I bought a Chery ant from Yueyang Qichen Trading Co., Ltd , In a short span of 10 Days. , It's already there 3 A sudden loss of power during normal driving . Another loss of power occurred on the highway , Mr. Li said :“ Driving suddenly lost power , Almost caused a rear end collision , It's too dangerous ……”. For frequent loss of power , Mr. Li said : I also went there for the first time 4S Shop inspection . the 4S After the shop inspection , Found that the vehicle does exist 3 Secondary history problem fault code , But what is the specific reason for the frequent power loss of the vehicle ,“4S The store said it didn't know , The situation needs to be fed back to the manufacturer , But until today, there is no clear answer .”

In view of the power loss of your vehicle , Mr. Li also contacted Chery manufacturer , The other side said : It is being assigned . Mr. Li said : How to deal with it , What is the cause , The manufacturer didn't reply . Mr. Li said : His Chery ant is still 4S In store inspection ,4S Store presentation : Now everything is normal ! Mr. Li expressed , I'm afraid that something similar will happen later ,“ I hope 4S The store promised not to lose power in the future , but 4S The store staff said : There's no guarantee !”

And then , Some media contacted the relevant person in charge of Yueyang Qichen Trading Co., Ltd , He expressed concern about Mr. Li's vehicle problem :“ This is an accidental situation , At present, Mr. Li's car has not had similar faults after testing .” For the past “ Vehicle discovery 3 Secondary history problem fault code ” The situation of , The person in charge said :“ This is not necessarily related to this fault , It is possible that the car has historical faults due to some reason when it leaves the factory , It is not the cause of this fault .” meanwhile , The person in charge also said :“ Mr. Li's car is not so-called ‘ Lose motivation ’, But I can't afford to speed up , Just stepping on the accelerator doesn't respond .”

Besides , The media also contacted Chery manufacturers , The customer service staff said ,“ The customer's new car has frequent faults , It belongs to a special case , It may have something to do with the battery , However, it can only be determined after the manufacturer's staff go to the test . The manufacturer will also actively cooperate to solve , If the battery is found to be the cause , Will contact the battery manufacturer's testing personnel to solve the problem for the car owner on the spot . Due to the need for staffing , And the cause of the epidemic , I hope the owner can wait patiently !” Finally, after the media reflected this situation ,4S The store has contacted Mr. Li , The manufacturer will send a fault reader to be installed in the vehicle ,24 Hourly monitoring , When the fault occurs again, the record can be read , For subsequent inspection and maintenance ”. What's going on , We will continue to pay attention .

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