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In the sales list of electric mini cars in July, in addition to Hongguang mini, what other scooters are sought after?

2021-08-28 08:03:16 Car buying network

2021 year 7 Monthly mini car sales ranking 】 This year, 7 month , The domestic new energy vehicle market continues to sell well , The wholesale sales of new energy vehicles reached 24.6 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 2 times , Chain ratio 6 Monthly growth 5.1%. among , The mini car market dominated by electric vehicles is also booming , According to the statistics compiled by car buying network ,2021 year 7 The total wholesale sales volume of mini car market reached 6.78 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 4 times , Chain ratio 6 Slight rise in January 0.9%.

from 7 In terms of mini car sales in January , The top two are cheap scooters , Both models start at less than 3 Ten thousand yuan , Although the range is not big , But it can basically meet the needs of daily commuting . among , Wuling macro light MINI Still the most popular model ,7 Monthly sales reached 26907 car . And the price and mileage are almost the same E-Star, Sales also continued to increase ,7 Monthly sales reached 8726 car .

Several other low-cost low endurance micro electric vehicles , Due to the brand, the sales volume is not as good as Hongguang MINI Run with Chang'an E-Star, But many people still buy . among , Reading mango sales 3243 car , Ling Bao BOX sales 2561 car , Punk Meimei sales 2188 car .

SAIC kelaiwei 、 Chery ant 、 Zero run T30 Ranked third to fifth , Their sales are 6183 car 、5565 Vehicles and 4283 car , More than the sales of Euler black cats .

Zero run T03 Comprehensive range of 403 km , The guided 5.98-9.98 ten thousand ; Claraway range 302 km , The guided 4.4999-4.8999 ten thousand ; Chery ant comprehensive range 301-408 km , The guided 5.99-8.39 ten thousand .

Euler black cat 7 In sales 2753 car , Eighth place , Sales down . Euler black cat's comprehensive range 301-405 km , The guided 6.98-8.48 ten thousand , This price is facing Geely Dihao 、 The competition of traditional fuel vehicles such as Chang'an Yidong , The market pressure is very great .

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