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A number of A00 new energy vehicles will be launched, targeting Wuling Mini EV, with good configuration and endurance

2021-08-28 08:09:52 Chewen channel

Today's auto market , New energy vehicles have sprung up , Gradually occupied the dominant position in the automobile market , And more and more car enterprises pay more and more attention to their electrification transformation , It can be said that new energy vehicles are one of the inevitable trends of the future world . And in new energy vehicles , With another wave and its strong power , That's the new energy mini car ; Back in the era of fuel vehicles , For example, Mercedes Benz Smart With BMW MINI This luxury brand of small and micro models , It is loved by female consumers , Because of its beautiful appearance , And its compact body , It's very convenient . And Wuling launched Wuling MINI EV after , In the domestic market, it also officially set off a wave of new energy mini cars .

In Wuling Hongguang MINI EV After the explosion , A number of domestic car enterprises have also scrambled to launch new energy mini cars , In the recent , There are two new energy mini cars worthy of attention , They are Chery QQ Ice cream and punk car's punk duo ; According to the official news , These two cars are also excellent models , It can even compete with Wuling Hongguang, the overlord of the current mini car market MINI EV Have a contest ; today , I will analyze these three cars , Explore which car is more worth buying .

Wuling macro light MINI EV:

Wuling macro light MINI EV It can be said that it is one of the most successful products produced by Wuling Automobile in recent years , At the beginning of its listing , Sales directly to Tesla Model3 Pick off the horse , Even now , The sales volume of this net red car is still 3 Around ten thousand . With its cute appearance , How many women's hearts have been captured .

The interior of the whole vehicle is relatively simple , however , Though sparrows are small , Five zang organs ; LCD screen , Manual air conditioning and two horns , There are all kinds of basic facilities ; There are many on the Internet MINI EV The car owner exposed the decoration of the interior , It can be said to be all kinds of styles 、 All kinds of designs ; After all, the price is here , Such an interior has been very conscience . As a vegetable cart , Its 120km And 170km The two endurance versions are quite enough . In fact, more users who choose this car still like its compact appearance , And cheap prices , It can be said that Wuling is also very clever in controlling the hearts of Chinese people , Even if more and more mini cars are born , But I think Wuling Hongguang MINI EV The supremacy of mini cars is still hard to shake .

Punk Duoduo :

Punk automobile is a car brand focusing on the production of small multifunctional electric passenger vehicles , Its first model, punk Meimei , Sales are not satisfactory ; Because Wuling Hongguang MINI EV about A00 The dominance of the primary market , As a result, punk Meimei has not received much attention . On this basis , Punk also recently launched its second new car —— Punk Duoduo , And pre-sale has been opened , Is expected to be in 8 Officially listed within the month .

The new car has a new design , The design of the whole vehicle is more compact and cute , It is very in line with the current aesthetic of young consumers , besides , Punk Duoduo is equipped with a variety of basic configurations , Including power windows 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 Ramp assist and child safety seat interface, etc , in addition , Including reversing image 、7 The inch large central control screen is also a leader in the same level . Its endurance mileage is 128km And 178km Two versions , It can also meet the needs of most consumers . besides , Punk Duoduo also adopts a four door design , Its space will also be relatively large . Can punk cars fight a turnaround , It depends on whether punk Duoduo can move the hearts of consumers , Not to mention shaking Hongguang MINI EV The status of , Even if it can occupy a place in micro new energy models, it is very good .

chery QQ ice cream :

chery QQ I believe we are all familiar , Thinking about Chery QQ You can also count a divine car , I believe there must be many people's first car is Chery QQ. And this time , Chery will QQ again “ resurrection ”, I believe it also aims at the new energy mini car market , Ready to use this Chery QQ Ice cream to open the market . It is reported that , chery QQ Ice cream will be officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show in the near future . The most interesting thing is , Chery has opened blind subscription this time , Just one 9.9 Yuan deposit , Can be in five “ Transparent blind box ” Choose one of them .

chery QQ The appearance of ice cream is very cute and cute , Very popular with female consumers , besides , The new car will also provide 7 Color selection in , It also provides consumers with richer colors . In terms of body size ,2980×1496×1637mm The width of high ,1960mm The wheelbase , Its size is larger than that of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV Slightly larger . Chery automobile is an old independent brand in China , In recent years, it has a slight lack of stamina , I also believe this Chery QQ Ice cream can make more consumers choose Chery cars again .

Nowadays, there are more and more cars in major cities in China , Choose a convenient parking 、 Micro new energy vehicles that are convenient for travel have become the trend of the public , also , For most female drivers , Small models can not only meet their needs , More convenient for them , Believe in , In the future, minicars will become a trend , Blooming for a long time in the colorful automobile market .

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