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Good news! If several conditions are met, the owner can apply for a "lifelong exemption" driver's license

2021-08-28 09:19:13 Oriental Information automobile

Any car owner driving out , You must ensure that you carry your driver's license with you . If the traffic police can't get the driver's license , It can also cause unnecessary trouble , Even delay our car time . in addition to , Many car owners often complain , Unknowingly, the driver's license expired , As a result, I forgot to go to the vehicle management office to replace . If one can appear in the future “ Lifetime exemption ” The policy of , That would be great .

For the cry of the majority of car owners , The staff of the vehicle management office responded , As long as the driver's license meets three conditions , You can enjoy lifelong annual inspection .

The first 1 Conditions , Is to make sure we're not full when we're new 12 branch

Although the driving test is becoming more and more difficult , But as long as you study theoretical knowledge with your heart 、 Pay attention to the actual operation , It won't be very difficult to get a driver's license . According to relevant policies , The first time I got my driver's license 1 Year belongs to internship , There are also many problems to pay attention to during the internship .

During the internship , As a novice, you will inevitably make mistakes , It's normal to be fined for violating traffic rules . In fact, I want to enjoy the policy of lifelong inspection exemption , As long as you're not fully detained during your internship 12 It's just a fraction . In addition, I also tell you a good way , During the internship, we must not forget to stick the internship logo on the back of the car . Never underestimate this internship logo , Many old drivers see the internship sign , We all know that you are a novice driver , When driving, it will let you .

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