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Geely, another "King bombing" is coming! Higher grade, power distribution suction door, and 7 seat layout

2021-08-28 09:19:17 Oriental Information automobile

after 20 Years of effort , Our domestic independent brand has finally straightened its back . Take the Great Wall , geely , The kei , For BYD and other domestic enterprises , Their development momentum in recent years can be said to be very fierce . Its products are reliable because of their quality , Plus good cost performance , Soon occupied a large market share . Especially in the most popular nowadays SUV field , It has become the home of our domestic brands . Like Chery Star Road , Byd's “ dynasty ” Series etc. , It's all in front of people's eyes . see , Not so long ago , Geely has created another “ Wang fried ” models , It is Led the g 09. that , Today, let's take a look at this model based on Volvo SPA The flagship model of the platform , What's the performance of it .

First , Let's take a look at its appearance first . There is one saying. , As a super flagship of Geely SUV, Led the g 09 The sense of class created is very strong . And the design of the front face of the car is also very personalized , It's discernible . Black waterfall in the net , Combined with sharp matrix headlights , It gives people a great visual impact . The side of the car body is very smooth , In addition, there are electric suction doors , Advanced configurations such as concealed door handle and privacy glass , Make it look like an executive luxury car .

The second is about link 09 's interior , Open the door , You will find the luxury and luxury of the car , Make it no worse than those models hundreds of thousands bigger . Embracing cockpit and large area NAPPA Leather material , And the decoration of Bavarian calf leather , It shows its dignity . in addition , The car also adds Geely's latest car engine system , So don't worry that its sense of technology will not keep up with the times . In terms of space , In order to better fit the three child policy , Led the g 09 It also provides 7 Models with seat layout .

Finally, let's look at its power performance , Through understanding, we know , Led the g 09 Provides 2.0T+8AT 48V Mechanical 4WD 、2.0T+8AT PHEV Electric four-wheel drive 、2.0T HEV Light hybrid electric 4WD and other power combinations , Cooperate with Aisin 8AT transmission , Can make them explode 252,300,431 horsepower .

summary : Tell the truth , Geely's collar 09 The overall performance is really excellent , Plus it's from Volvo SPA platform , So its product quality , And security , Have reached the world's top level . Yes, of course , If the price is given in good faith , Then it must be another popular product after listing . Regarding this , What do you think ?

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