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Can xuandu who drinks "Wuliangye" become a "potential stock" of 100000 class sedans?

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Easy car original Now if you budget 10 Wannei wants to buy a home SUV, There are plenty of options with your eyes closed . But if you want to buy a car at the same price , This “ Car pool ” Not really . So whenever a brand new car is launched , Will make my car party focus on . stay 8 month 29 Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th , Kay wing will bring a new compact car —— Kaiyi xuandu .

First listen to xuandu , You might think the name Familiar with a little strange , There is a trace of details in the plain . Um. , Is it The combination of elegance and fit ? I guess the authorities must want xuandu to be like these two cars , Become “ National car ”. But let's talk about it , Recently, the name of domestic cars has become more and more exaggerated , After listening for a long time, I really have some ears “ Aesthetic fatigue ”. Kay wing from Xuanjie to Xuan degree , They all insist on using traditional Chinese names , I totally agree .

Judging from the latest news , Kaiyixuandu will be exhibited for the first time in Chengdu auto show , And I expect the official will give the pre price at that time . If you ask me at this time , How much will the car cost ? I'm not the one who sets the price , But I can give you a general market for cars of the same class :7-10 Ten thousand yuan .

Popular independent brand compact cars

The specific price , Please continue to pay attention to my easy car number : Zhu Tao YC. Kaiyixuan will be officially listed in the third quarter of this year , I will also have the latest report . Next , Let's see if xuandu is worth waiting .

as everyone knows , After the Kaiyi car landed in Yibin , The first car launched is dazzle , A city SUV. Xuanjie completed the modification not long ago , I also had a test drive experience of this car in Dunhuang , Friends who want to know can click on the video below .

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In the dazzle world , We can see the concept of Kaiyi automobile , Guarantee practical 、 reliable On the basis of , To configure Try to be richer than competing models , That is, the main Cost performance . Xuandu is the first car of Kaiyi , I believe this idea still exists .

In terms of design , Kaiyi xuandu has an obvious family relationship with xuanjie , Like the front face Upper and lower split grille , And they all use Dot matrix network . Of course , Xuandu as a car , Naturally, we should highlight the style of sports , For example, it looks like a sports car on both sides Air guide decoration .

See here , Careful friends must have seen the colorful vertical bars of the front grille . Some car owners will buy this color bar and put it on the front grille , But the original factory made this kind of decoration , Xuandu is the first time . For me , Personally, I prefer a simple style , therefore I look forward to a solid color grille version for you to choose from .

Penetration taillights are more popular now , For example, dazzle world uses through tail lights . But xuandu's tail light design is very interesting , The tail lights are narrow and long , It's just a distance from the logo . This design is very retro , Also very recognizable .

See here , Everyone must be very concerned about how big this car is ? The three dimensions of xuandu are 4666/1825/1483mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm. In terms of size , It's a standard compact car . For example, we are familiar with Honda Civic 、 Toyota corolla 、 Chang'an Yidong, etc , Wheelbase is almost 2700mm.

Xuandu also provides 5 Body colors

Since drinking Wuliangye , Kaiyi's integration of Sichuan culture is becoming more and more complete . see , Xuandu offers five cars , Is directly Bashi version 、 Easy version 、 Tie up the plate 、 The male version and the domineering version . Then the minimum matching version is “ Babu Bashi ”, When the new car comes on the market, let's have an interpretation .

Next, let's see what highlights xuandu has . The conventional ESP、 Double airbags 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 Reversing radar 、 Speed limit reminder 、 Ramp assist system 、AUTOHOLD Automatic parking, etc. are equipped . High profile cars and Running water type daytime running lamp 、 Lower deflector 、 Red sports calipers 、 Canard spoiler etc. , It's very sporty to listen to . Other configurations , Wait for us to interpret Chengdu auto show , Coming soon .

The power part is also more attractive , It is equipped with... Provided by Chery 1.5T Four cylinder engine , The most powerful 115kW, Maximum torque 230N·m, The thermal efficiency reaches 37.1%. This engine is looking at , There is really nothing new about technology , But the thermal efficiency of EFI engine exceeds 37%, Chery set a record at that time .

The gearbox will have 5MT/CVT Two options , It is the same as the collocation in kaiyixuan world . If nothing goes wrong , Xuandu's chassis will be Independent suspension , This is definitely a big selling point of Kaiyi xuandu .

Although many families now put SUV Put it in the first choice , But after several years of market verification , The status of cars can't be underestimated . For example, in the past 7 month , Car sales 76.9 Ten thousand units ,SUV sales 78.7 Ten thousand units , The two are almost equal . And in the car sector , Compact cars are absolutely dominant again . But unfortunately , In addition to Chang'an Yidong and Geely Dihao , There are no other independent brand models .

So in SUV After good results , Independent brand cars have made significant efforts in the past two years . Take kaiyixuandu for example , Its excellent hardware conditions , That's enough 7-10 Ten thousand yuan This price range to compete . But for Kay wing , Brand awareness and Dealer network It's still a big problem , These aspects need continuous cultivation . If you want to gain a foothold in this market , Products alone are obviously not enough .

If the price of kaiyixuandu is 7-10 Ten thousand yuan range , Which competing models will it face ? Own brand here , Changan Yidong 、 mg 5 And so on will be the competitive products it needs to face . At the same time like Toyota Vios 、 Modern Yuena Wait for the joint venture entry car , I believe you will also consider when choosing . We have a long day today Ease of movement 、 mg 5、 Toyota Vios For example , Let's see how much pressure there will be in the future .

Toyota weichi is its entry-level model , Although the power and configuration have no advantages , But sales are stable , The word of mouth is also very good . Yidong and mingjue 5 It is the representative work of independent brand cars , The heat is very high at present . In terms of size , Escaping 、 mg 5 And xuandu It's not a big difference , But they all have advantages over Toyota weichi ,2700mm The wheelbase ensures sufficient riding space . In the power plate , Weichi carries 1.3L/1.5L The engine , Yidong and mingjue 5 There are both high and low power combinations , Escape vehicle 1.6L/1.4T The engine , mg 5 Then carry 1.5L/1.5T The engine . And xuandu is expected to carry 1.5T The engine , Low power distribution has certain advantages .

Besides , It's important , If xuandu is equipped with multi link rear suspension , It is more attractive than the common torsion beam at the same level . Of course , It's not that the torsion beam must be better than the independent suspension , Tuning is also very important . Specific dynamic performance , We also need to see how we feel after the test drive .

Editor's summary :

See here , I believe you have a certain understanding of Kaiyi xuandu . although 10 Wannei's sedan competition does not SUV Intense , But now in this price range , There are joint venture models on sale , There are high-quality independent brand models pouring in , Xuandu is still under great pressure . If xuandu is really strong in product power , Still have a chance to stand firm . Seeing is better than hearing , At Chengdu auto show, we will have a comprehensive interpretation of this car , See how competitive it is .

Welcome to pay attention to my easy car number : Zhu Tao YC, After the wonderful report, more .

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