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Test drive? Is Qijun shaking? Try before you have a say

2021-08-28 09:31:08 Oriental Information automobile

The most popular topic in the past six months SUV models , It must be a new generation of Qijun .

Because on many social platforms 、 Forum , As long as someone mentioned a new generation of Qijun , Can immediately attract all kinds of “ Three cylinder engine ”, Technology also costs 190 Billion yuan to build a three cylinder model , And by everyone “ Criticisms ”.

Let alone the new car VC-TURBO Super variable engine 300 What kind of black technology is used in the engine , Not to mention how many people have personally experienced the new generation of Qijun , Anyway “ Three cylinder machine ” It's just unpopular . So we can see an interesting phenomenon , On the one hand, many people in the industry spoke highly of the new generation of Qijun , On the other side are netizens “ condemn both in speech and in writing ”, The two sides also quarreled with each other .

As an inexperienced new driver (1 Years of driving experience ), I took the following three questions to “ Hold heaven and earth A natural wonder A new generation of Qijun global exploration and market test drive meeting · Minnan railway station ” Activities , I hope that after a practical experience , Find out whether the new generation of Qijun is worth buying .

Is the three cylinder engine really the original sin ?

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