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The tank 500 is coming, and whether it will bring good performance is full of uncertainty

2021-08-28 09:55:58 Oriental Information automobile

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There are tanks in the domestic off-road market 300( Parameter picture ) At the bottom of , I believe there will be more people looking forward to tanks 700、 tanks 800 etc. “ heavyweight ” The arrival of models . However , No matter how capable the tank brand is ,“ Independent brand ” Whether this knot can be completely untied in the eyes of consumers ?

In recent days, , We saw the so-called tank on the Internet 500 Of “ The official figure ”. At a glance , It's like Toyota Prado , Like Lexus LX570, At least in appearance , This tank is different from those medium and large tanks SUV Off-road vehicle “ His face is covered with grille ” Very similar , It also shows the tank 500 Tough style .

according to the understanding of , tanks 500 Will pick up 3.0T+9AT, This means that at this stage it will become a subsidiary of the Great Wall “ High horsepower ” Flagship work . however , Future tanks 500 whether “ name ” Vice president, actually ? According to a source , In terms of brand, the car has been officially named tank recently 500( Previously known as tanks 600), And will make the world's first show at Chengdu International Auto Show .

It seems that for independent brands , Nothing? “ High unreachable ”. With the latest of the Great Wall 3.0T V6 The engine , The most powerful 354 horsepower , Maximum torque 500N·m, Match the... Independently developed by great wall 9AT transmission . This power combination with Toyota Prado 、 lexus LX570、 The power configuration of the Grand Cherokee is quite close .

In terms of size , tanks 500 The length, width and height are respectively 5070/1934/1905mm, The wheelbase 2850mm. The wheelbase has surpassed the Toyota Prado , And Lexus LX570 Agreement , Higher than the Grand Cherokee . The three dimensions of length, width and height completely exceed that of the horse herder .

meanwhile , Like most off-road vehicles with non load carrying bodies , At the same time equipped with TOD Time sharing 4WD system , Enhanced off-road performance .

But there are lessons from Beijing cross-country , People used to think about their own brands “ Wildness ” There have been many doubts . But since the tank 300 After listing , It really subverts consumers' perception of the off-road performance of domestic vehicles , It also makes the off-road market white hot . in fact , Because of the arrival of tanks , Originally by Toyota 、Jeep、 The medium and large off-road vehicle market dominated by imported models such as Ford , The reputation of consumers and users is no longer one-sided , People's expectations for domestic off-road vehicles are also getting higher and higher .

And tanks 500 With a higher attitude , To design harder , It means that it will challenge higher-level market segments , Or will it be broken by Toyota 、Jeep、 Ford's monopoly in the off-road market . It seems , tanks 500 The starting price may exceed 30 Ten thousand yuan , It must not be as cheap as you think .

Although the car is new , But is the configuration still old ? With tanks 300 For example , It starts at 19.58 Ten thousand yuan , Although there are still many disputes about off-road ability , Not everyone is satisfied , But show enough sincerity in configuration .

It is configured with 12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard and 12.3 Inch center control screen , Support car phone 、 Voice recognition control system 、 Car networking 、OTA Upgrade and other common functions . Contrast with , If the tank 500 Pricing at 30 More than ten thousand yuan , It is believed that the configuration will not be delayed . But it should be noted that ,30 Market segments of more than 10000 yuan , Even if it looks very off-road , Like the public 、 BMW 、 Toyota and so on , They have firmly occupied the market segment , And Volkswagen tuang 、 BMW X3、 Toyota and Highlander have enough persuasion to consumers . Therefore, in the era of brand first consumption , tanks 500 We also need to cross the threshold of brand first . Look at Harvard H9, Even positioning high-end , But its reputation in the market is also very general .

Although the tank brand does make great wall motor famous in the market , But tanks 500, Including tanks 300, How much they can create for Great Wall Motors “ profit ”? Perhaps this is for the future brand layout and product design of Great Wall Motors , Will bring very practical problems .

Except tanks 500 And tanks 300 Outside , The tank brand also plans to have tanks in the medium and long term 700、 tanks 800 Two new models . Regardless of its positioning and price , They are upgrading up at the same time , Seems to give great Wall Motors 、 What the tank brand brings is still “ It seems high but low ” Things that are !

All in all , Independent brands should go up , And beware “ High price ”, Because this is really an insurmountable threshold . For consumers , A high price means a good brand 、 Good quality , The appearance is bright , How can we withstand the impact of brand and reputation .

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