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Zhang Yuqi hard Gang program group, netizens praised domineering, but why did fans comment on "rollover"?

2021-08-28 10:18:35 Tencent Entertainment

With “ Love brain ” The famous Zhang Yuqi had another accident in falling in love , Someone once commented that Zhang Yuqi is the best actress in both appearance and figure , But she doesn't look at men very well , You bet , With two marriage histories, every time she divorces , Both sides will be in a very embarrassing situation .

And the reason for this accident , It's that she took her little fresh meat boyfriend Li Bingxi, who is eight years younger , We participated in the love program of Hunan Station 《 The love of daughters 》. A show as a mother's family , She naturally supports , Come with your boyfriend , It was announced by the program officer .

Actually , When the program team just announced that Zhang Yuqi would take her little boyfriend to the program , Most of the comments in the comment area are the voices of blessing two people , And fans feel that Zhang Yuqi's vision has finally improved , No longer the same as before , Looking for middle-aged greasy uncles , Instead, I found a little fresh music talent .

In the next program , The details of their relationship , It also moved the fans , Although there is an insurmountable age gap between the two people , But in the process of interaction , Zhang Yuqi is more like a little girl who has just begun to fall in love , And Li Bingxi was very patient with her , So everyone agreed that Zhang Yuqi met her own lover this time .

But in the trailer of the next program , The program group released a paragraph about “ acting ” The discussion between this topic , Zhang Yuqi said directly to the other party , I didn't “ shut out the heavens with one palm ” The ability of , If he wants to get his place in the show business , First of all, learn to “ Walk alone ”.

Such clips also made fans immediately doubt his purpose of being with Zhang Yuqi , Some even attribute the communication between them to the conspiracy designed by Li Bingxi in advance , After all, there is not only a big gap in age between two people , There is also a big gap in career and status in the entertainment industry , The woman is a popular artist , The man is just a newcomer , No one even knew his name before .

After all, he is well known , Because he is a violinist , But suddenly I have to start filming , It's hard not to suspect that he's using his girlfriend's resources , That's why the audience began to think that there was no fit between the two people . At first, I was optimistic about him because he was born well , Although not as hot as the woman , But the future of a musician is bigger than that of an ordinary artist .

For this matter, the two immediately sent a long text to explain , Li Bingxi said , The reason for this clip is that the two of them sit down and talk in their spare time of the day , And because of his work arrangement , I'm going to join a new crew , And shoot ancient costume types that you have never tried before .

Due to lack of experience , So he hopes to learn from Zhang Yuqi who has many years of acting experience , As for the latter, covering the sky with one hand and walking independently , These words are used by Zhang Yuqi to express , In fact, it's very difficult to be an actor , There will be many challenges and problems on this road , He needs to solve it alone .

after , Zhang Yuqi also sent a document to support her boyfriend , He said that he has cooperated with Hunan TV many times , Even regard him as his mother's family , But I didn't expect that my love was maliciously edited by the program group , As a tool for rubbing heat , Such behavior made her unable to accept , And said that the two would quit the recording after the program .

Although she is supporting her boyfriend , But in the comments section , We can see that fans understand better than she does , Even ask Li Bingxi , Didn't you go to the brand activity endorsed by the woman ? Not filming with her ? Go to the variety show together ? Is this the so-called independent walking ?

And for Zhang Yuqi's fans , She said she was very disappointed with her behavior , First , Zhang Yuqi turned red by the mango table 《 My sister 》, And at present, many of the resources Zhang Yuqi participates in come from Mango station , Offending the platform in this way is not worth the loss , Some netizens are outspoken : Even if Zhang Yuqi is dissatisfied with this clip , You can also respond with a high IQ , There's no need to be hard .

After that, the program team also responded to the editing of this clip .

The crew said , In fact, the complete conversation between the two will be broadcast in the main film of the next program , So there is no possibility of malicious editing , As for why there are these clips in the trailer , In fact, we can understand , After all, the notice needs to attract people's attention , If there's nothing to see , Then the ratings of the next issue will also be a big problem .

Zhang Yuqi's relationship with Hunan Taiwan has always been good , Many of her resources are tied to Hunan , But this time he offended Hunan Satellite TV for his boyfriend , I believe her resources will be greatly affected in the future , And fans also said , It's not that I don't want her to fall in love , I just hope she can distinguish love from work .

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