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A glimpse - test drive 2021 Mustang light yellow

2021-08-28 10:25:12 Oriental Information automobile

In the long history of automobile , For more than 50 years in a row , There are only a few car models that are not absent every year . And the one who is going to test drive today , One of them . From a civilian background 、 Personality is bold and uninhibited , It's easy and comfortable to drive on weekdays, but stepping on the accelerator a little can stimulate adrenaline . It's Ford's Mustang. Although it has been controversial , I've been through a slump , But it is these ups and downs , only Mustang With so many legendary colors , Finally from an American Mustang Become the heart of the world's car fans Mustang. And compared to Toyota 86、 subaru BRZ、 BMW 4 These popular sports cars , It is more popular in China . The essence , except Mustang Own design 、 Performance and cost performance , It has been 57 Years of legendary history and the American muscle car culture it advocates may also be the reason why many fans flock to it .

Now it is again 21 The identity of the paragraph comes into our view , Although not much like the new iteration , But every time it's evolving , Let's experience more pure , More blood boiling American muscle car . First of all, let's talk about the appearance changes .2021 New models 3 A brand new car color , They are grazing light yellow ( Today's test drive version )、 Upwind blue and carbon grey . As always, it will give full play to the color attribute of its own fashion trend .

2021 paragraph ford Mustang, Exquisite and youthful appearance , Has been inherited and continued , At the same time, the spoiler design with the same color of the body is added at the rear of the car , While improving the appearance , It adds a lot of fighting atmosphere to the new car .

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