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The appearance is still online and highly recognizable. The Lexus UX special edition model is released

2021-08-28 10:25:43 Oriental Information automobile

Fellow riders , Hello everyone ! Today's car selection network brings you the latest news of today's car market , Please click to follow the car selection network , Learn the latest car information at the first time .

In recent days, , Car selection network learned from relevant channels , Lexus released two UX Special Edition , Respectively UX200(250h)F SPORT Style Blue Version and UX250h Elegant Black edition . It's worth mentioning , Refer to information published overseas , Both special versions are equipped with special version assembly , The new car is now on sale .

In design ,“ F Sport Style Blue ” and “ Elegant Black ” Each has its own personality , Featuring special equipment , Although updated and improved , But there are always nuances . The specific term , Special edition F Sport Style Blue With “UX250h F Sport” and “UX200 F Sport” Based on , In black and blue , Blue stitching as the exclusive seat color . This color , It can also better reflect the powerful performance .

Details , The steering wheel 、 Safety belt 、 Handrail 、 The door trim panels are decorated in blue , And the shift shoes and instrument panel are made of blue stitches , This design is in line with the matching of this level of models , It can also improve the car's sense of grade , Good overall performance .“Elegant Black” The front radiator grille of the model is decorated with bright black , Carbon fiber finish is also added , More athletic .

Choose your point of view : No matter how it looks , Or beauty , The performance of these two cars is quite good . meanwhile , Rich configuration improvement can also improve the product power of these two vehicles . For the vast majority of consumers , Perhaps the only thing waiting is the price .

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