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Domestic sedan racing is becoming more and more fierce. Car fans in this era are destined to witness the blooming of a hundred flowers

2021-08-28 10:56:32 Oriental Information automobile

Domestic sedan racing is becoming more and more intense , Car fans of this era , Destined to witness a hundred flowers bloom, for domestic old car fans , I was very happy to buy a Fukang or Santana , Look at 20 Domestic independent brands years ago , It's really a little ugly , Appearance design hot eyes , The core power technology is too backward . But after more than ten years of rapid development , Nowadays, domestic independent automobile brands are rising strongly , In particular, I saw many amazing models this year , For example, domestic coupes are becoming more and more popular , More and more manufacturers are willing to build young sports models , mg 6 The series is becoming more and more radical , Led the g 03 The series is also constantly updated , GAC motor shadow leopard lowered the price threshold to 10 All within , changan UNI-V Also completed the declaration . On the eve of Chengdu International Auto Show , Another domestic manufacturer unveiled a new coupe , This time from Sihao brand of Jiangqi group , That is, the brand of Jianghuai Volkswagen .

The new model is named Yao , A simple Chinese character , It sounds domineering . First, let's look at the size positioning of the model , It is similar to the Coupe launched by several other domestic manufacturers this year , All have leapfrog size performance , The total length reaches 4780mm, Body width 1820mm, The wheelbase is long 2770mm, Such size positioning can be said to be a medium-sized car , But it can also be said that compact , It belongs to cross-border performance .

In terms of design language , new Sihaoyao basically maintains the family design language of the whole brand , However, the front face of the car is obviously more radical than the previous family car version , Provides a long and narrow LED Matrix headlights , With red aerodynamic front shovel . The side of the body belongs to the typical sliding back coupe roof style , With red door skirt trim , Plus Black Warrior style wheels and red calipers , The athletic style has been created . Tail fixation is the finishing touch of small tail and large-diameter exhaust pipe outlet , Overall, this Jianghuai sihaoyao design is very sincere , The official trailer has used Michelin tires , It must also take the medium and high-end route .

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