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The wireless charging of SAIC Roewe rx5 plus is so easy to use!

2021-08-28 11:11:05 Oriental Information automobile

I don't know when , There are fewer and fewer wired headphones . Look at the pedestrians on the road , They are all occupied by wireless headphones . in fact , Wireless headphones are more convenient than wired headphones , And they don't have to be hard to untie the twisted headphone cable , And easy to carry .

With the replacement of wired headphones , The charging mode of car mobile phones is also changing , Wireless charging gradually replaces wired charging . From the perspective of driving safety , Wireless charging eliminates the process of handling entangled charging lines , It also avoids calls 、 The act of pulling the plug , So just put it down and pick it up in the charging area in the car , It's very convenient , No need to feel charged , At the same time, it also ensures driving safety .

roewe RX5 PLUS Wireless charging mode is also adopted , It solves the trouble of wiring for car owners , Technology and practicality coexist . First we can see RX5 PLUS The wireless charging area is in front of the armrest box of the central channel . This layout does not occupy the interior space , It is convenient for drivers to carry mobile phones , Easy to use .

what's more , roewe RX5 PLUS Also equipped with the world's first 20° Inclined wireless charging module ,20° Tilting can make the phone fit the charging area more perfectly , Don't run away . roewe RX5 PLUS As a detail , I've been thinking about it quite well , Moreover, the charging area is also treated with anti-skid treatment . You can see , Many small bulges , This can effectively ensure that mobile phones will not appear due to vehicle acceleration or braking “ be away from home ” The situation of .

in general , roewe RX5 PLUS The wireless charging function of not only brings a convenient and safe car experience , And it can also be passed 20° The inclined scientific angle makes the function more comfortable , Bring humanized comfort value to consumers . meanwhile , It also further improves the texture of the whole vehicle , It complements the cockpit of science , It can better meet the needs of young consumers .

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