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2023 release / multiple powertrain, new BMW 5 Series rendering exposure

2021-08-28 11:11:21 Driving sight

In recent days, , The driving line of sight has obtained a group of brand-new BMW from overseas media 5 Rendering of the system . Previously, overseas media have exposed the road test spy photos of new cars , But with a thick disguise , Can't see too much , This rendering is a combination of the previous road test spy photos and text messages . The new car is planned for 2023 Officially released within the year .

aesthetic , The new car is not equipped with a new BMW in the rendering 4 It's the same oversized “ Double kidney ” Air intake grille , But still retains the classic of BMW family “ Two nostrils ” modelling , Cooperate with the new style headlamp groups on both sides and the sharp front surround design , Very young sports . The side of the car body is equipped with a new style of multi spoke rim design and sliding back shape , Probing D The column shape creates a fashionable and elegant feeling . The tail is a bold prediction that it will adopt the popular through tail lamp , The rendering also shows the black original duckling tail , Looks very athletic .

interiors , It is expected that the new car will also use the family's latest large-size LCD instrument + Dual screen design of central control LCD , And it is likely to be a curved screen , It can be said that it gives enough sense of Technology . In addition, it is also equipped with crystal physics control knob , Further improve the appearance and texture . motivation , The new car is expected to continue to carry cash models 2.0T、3.0T Turbocharged engine , Some models will also be adapted to 48V Light hybrid system of motor , And will also launch high 、 Low power plug-in hybrid system and pure electric version . The transmission system matches 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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