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Beijing-x7, the star of BAIC booth in 2021 Chengdu auto show, will appear again

2021-08-28 11:22:03 58 car

2021 Chengdu auto show is about to open , The brightest star on BAIC group's booth ——BEIJING-X7 Will appear again ,BEIJING-X7 As BMFA The first model of the Rubik's cube architecture platform , With pure design 、 Pure space 、 Pure technology 、 Four core product values of pure safety , Let's enjoy it again BEIJING-X7 The style of .

The appearance design has a sense of science and Technology , More thread body design is used in the front of the car , Make the sense of hierarchy stronger . As BEIJING The first model after the renewal of automobile brand , The body lines are simple , angular . There is a through chrome trim above the front face .

The position of the hexagonal net is lower , Lower the visual center of gravity of the vehicle . The interior is still designed with horizontal lines , Widen the visual effect of the front and add a sense of hierarchy . In terms of configuration , The test drive car is equipped with ACC Adaptive cruise , Reach the mainstream level of models of the same level .

The new car uses LED Slender in shape LED Light source headlights , And equipped with automatic high and low beam lamps 、 Adjustable height and other functions . There is a silver chrome trim strip between the headlamp groups , And equipped with BEIJING Of Logo. These elements make the new car look more fashionable . There are... Under the front “7” The zigzag air inlet has sharp edges and corners , The whole looks very harmonious . I haven't seen such a beautiful independent brand for a long time SUV The models .

The lines on the side of the body are very smooth and stretch , The bulging waistline of the body is designed just right , The integration of design has a strong visual sense .BEIJING-X7 Positioned as a medium-sized SUV, Have 2800mm The longest wheelbase at the same level , It provides super large space for leapfrogging . In terms of body size , The length, width and height are reached 4710×1892×1715mm, The wheelbase 2800mm.

The tires are of size 235/55 R19. Brand selection Hantai Dynapro HP2 tire . The rim is in two colors 、 The effect of diamond cutting , The overall sense of motion is very good .

Hidden door handle , Very technical , It can not only ensure the curve beauty of the car body, but also reduce the custom coefficient , The lighting lamp is cleverly designed inside the door handle , Very intimate .

The design of the rear of the car is also very fashionable , Leave a round and full impression . More horizontal lines are used at the rear of the car , Make the vehicle look more layered .

The tail lamp adopts the very popular through design , And the internal lamp group structure is more complex and has characteristics , The recognition degree is high after lighting .

There is a silver guard under the rear , Highlight its SUV The identity of the model . Genuine bilateral single exhaust layout , Maintain the visual sense of motion of the vehicle to the greatest extent .

BEIJING-X7 The interior design language is different from previous products , It adopts a more scientific and technological design language , The layout is very standard , It's neat , Leave the impression of simplicity and a sense of Technology . The center console has an imitation aluminum trim panel , The upper part is wrapped in cortex . The three large LCD screens in the car are very eye-catching , In terms of workmanship and materials, he is also very sincere , Soft materials are used where hands can touch .

Three piece flat bottomed multifunctional steering wheel is popular nowadays ,BEIJING-X7 Also keep up with the trend . Manual four-way adjustment can always find the right position . The left and right sides of the steering wheel are perforated , It not only improves the sense of movement, but also plays the role of anti-skid , The multi-function keys on the left and right sides support physical keys and touch control .

BEIJING-X7 The three screen linkage is very rare among the same level , Full LCD instrument panel + Central LCD screen + The three screen linkage of the control panel in the air conditioning area reflects the sense of luxury and science and technology incisively and vividly . Three screen surround design is adopted in the layout , Liquid crystal instrument 、 The central control panel adopts 12.3 Inch duplex screen , The third piece with more functions 8 Inch touch screen , Three screen surround layout , Key virtualization , There is an explosion of technology . meanwhile , Boot animation three screen linkage .

Three themes 12.3 Inch full LCD Meter , Holistic UI The design is simple and clear , The display information is very rich but clear and easy to read . The first time you touch it, you can get started quickly , This design is the best design .

A fellow 12.3 The inch full LCD central control screen has a sense of science and Technology , Both the resolution and the reaction speed of the system are excellent . The built-in operating system in addition to the commonly used navigation 、 Besides multimedia and other functions, it is also equipped with voice control 、 Face capture, etc . Among them, the intelligent interconnected car machine system also supports users to use mobile phones APP Switch on / off the air conditioner 、 The window , And act as a key, etc , Very convenient , It also supports sliding the navigation map from the central control screen to the instrument screen , The route looks more direct , Driving is safer .

BEIJING-X7 The equipped voice control system covers more than 20 term ,150 The rest of the car scene , Deep semantic understanding , Truly realize multi round interaction in the whole scene , And don't worry about the problem that dialect doesn't understand , Because the recognition rate in this aspect can reach 99%.

The air conditioning control area adopts touch control design , In addition to the conventional air conditioning function . This area also controls automatic parking 、 Panoramic image and other functions . In terms of intimate configuration ,BEIJING-X7 Equipped with front seat heating / Ventilation and steering wheel heating , It's too friendly for users in the North , You should know that the human body has the most obvious perception of heat in direct contact , Pleasure comes much faster than warm wind , Of course, wireless charging is also equipped .

In particular, the new car is equipped with APA One touch full scene automatic parking function , And other models 360 The difference between the surrounding scenery is ,APA The one touch full scene automatic parking system supports eight angles of view , It is more comprehensive to observe in a narrow space , The blind area and dead corner are greatly reduced , It's a blessing for novices .

X7 It has the largest panoramic skylight in its class , Let users enjoy the great experience of starry sky , Make passengers feel more open . The new car is also equipped with automatic window closing function in rainy days , Even if the user forgets to close the window in rainy days , The system can also turn it off automatically .

BEIJING-X7 The wheelbase 2800mm, It brings huge internal space . The height of the experimenter 180cm, After the front row is adjusted to the appropriate position , Head space is more than a punch . Adjust the front row to the proper position , There are about two punches left in the back legs , There is no pressure in the back seat space .

BEIJING-X7 Pick up a 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 138kW(188Ps), Peak torque 275N·m; The transmission system is matched with a 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . Technical adjustment from a professional team , The power performance is comparable to that of the mainstream 2.0T The engine , The lowest comprehensive fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is 6.6 l . In addition, the standard configuration of all models 、 motion 、 There are three different driving modes , Let you experience a more pure driving experience .

In the daily driving , The throttle is very sensitive at the beginning , But no “ Jump ”,7 The two speed clutch gearbox ensures the smoothness and comfort of driving to the greatest extent ; When overtaking occasionally , Press the accelerator pedal deeply , The transmission can well understand the driver's intention and downshift , The whole action is done at one go without procrastination .

meanwhile ,BEIJING-X7 It's also equipped with L2 Class a automatic driving function , In addition to automatic following acceleration and deceleration , What are the benefits ? It can also automatically identify pedestrians , In case of emergency, it will automatically brake . Many accidents happen , In fact, it is often a moment of negligence or distraction .BEIJING-X7 Of L2 The automatic driving function can effectively avoid accidents , Of course, you still have to concentrate when driving , Safety first .

BEIJING-X7 As the flagship of the family , The top class quality beyond the same level brings users a visual sense integrating traditional culture and modern fashion . From the configuration to the price, they are very sincere , It can be said that it is the master work of BAIC group . Friends interested in it , You might as well go to 8 month 29 The opening day of 2021 Chengdu auto show H403 exhibition booth , Yes BEIJING-X7 Have a deep understanding .

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