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How to spend the 21 days of containment? This series of figures moved Wangjing Guofeng residents

2021-08-28 11:23:06 Beijing daily client

8 month 24 Zero hour of the day , Wangjing Guofeng community was officially unsealed .21 God ,24 Wechat groups ,500 More than staff , Solve residents' demands 4000 More than , Delivery of materials about 30 10000 pieces …… The busy day and night behind this string of numbers , Just in exchange for the joy of the moment .

Post novel coronavirus pneumonia case confirmed in Beijing Guofeng view area , Wangjing street looked at the national wind for the first time 、 Guofeng Beijing Community , Vanke times center 、 Fangheng times contact building 2 Sealing management of buildings . Chaoyang District established the front-line headquarters for the first time , Street level establishment 17 Two special working groups are responsible for building closure 、 Nucleic acid detection 、 Serving residents 、 Property Organization 、 Material guarantee 、 Isolate hotels, etc .

The rescue force was in place quickly . Chaoyang District dispatching office 、2 Local police stations 、25 Communities and Le'an branch of Beijing shoukai Wangjing Property Service Co., Ltd , Deployment of Datun and Jiuxianqiao 2 A street 20 More than experienced cadres rushed to the rescue . total 500 More than staff worked day and night , Serving Guofeng community residents .

Service guarantee after closure is a systematic project . Building grids in buildings , Each grid is organized into a team by social workers 、 Cadres 、 volunteer 、 Property 、 Composed of civilian police 5 Human Services Group , Establish contact mechanism with residents in the building , by 24 Wechat groups were set up in residential buildings 、 Set up a hotline , Point to point collection , Provide information release 、 Appeal feedback 、 Material distribution 、 Seek medical advice 、 Property maintenance 、 Psychological comfort 、 Comprehensive service of vulnerable care .

In order to ensure that all kinds of demands reflected by residents can be solved at the first time , Establish sealed community appeal contact group in the street ,24 The owners of residential buildings will make the residents difficult 、 Urgent demands are released within the group , The main leaders of the street directly dispatch or coordinate upward within the group , Each special group 、 Answer by department head 、 feedback , Flat solution ; For the elderly living alone 、 disadvantaged , The community immediately finds and arranges 17 Provide point-to-point services for the elderly living alone , For residents who may not be in the group, such as new community tenants , organization 126 Social workers were asked about their needs door-to-door , Issue a letter to residents 、 The medical process 2300 The rest .8 month 4 since , Accumulatively solve the demands of the masses 4000 More than , Delivery of materials about 30 10000 pieces .

8 month 15 Day in the morning 6 when , Release of sealing control of relevant personnel and places of Vanke times center ;8 month 17 Day in the morning 6 when , Fang Heng times contact building was also released , The two commercial buildings meet the epidemic prevention requirements , We will accelerate the resumption of production and work . With today's national wind 、 Guofeng Beijing community unsealed , Wangjing Street achieved a phased victory in fighting the epidemic .

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