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Rain abates! This wave of rain in Beijing will not affect the morning peak. There is good news

2021-08-28 12:05:05 Beijing daily client

Last night,

Beijing's four major early warnings issued at the same time

22 when

Beijing Meteorological Observatory upgraded and released

Rainstorm yellow warning signal :

It is expected to arrive at 24 Japan 2 when

Huairou East 、 Northern Shunyi 、

Miyun 、 There will be... In the northern part of Pinggu

It's raining hard every hour 50 Mm or so

Short term heavy rainfall ,

The accumulated rainfall can reach 50 to 80 mm .

In mountainous and shallow mountainous areas, heavy rainfall induced

Floods in small and medium rivers 、 Mountain torrent 、 geologic hazard

And other secondary disasters ,

Low lying urban areas are prone to ponding ,

Please take precautions .

evening 8 At the time of its

Multi area sudden rainstorm

The wind is blowing and the rain is heavy 、 Lightning and thunder

yesterday 18 these 23 when

Precipitation around Beijing ( mm ):

The city's average 20.2, The urban average 23.5,

southwest 24.1, The northwest 20.7,

The northeast 18.0, Southeast 13.8,

Shijingshan Shougang, the largest in the city 1 Station two 81.3,

The city's largest Mentougou three stores 91.5,

The maximum rain intensity occurs in

Mentougou Sanjia store 21-22 when 60.2 mm / Hours .

23 when 30 a.m.

Beijing Meteorological Bureau reported

The latest weather conditions :

The rain echo zone moves slowly eastward ,

The overall trend is weakening .

The rain is so fierce

Some netizens are worried :

“ Will it affect the morning peak ?”

@ The weather is Beijing Clear response :

Don't worry , No effect !

There is also good news :

There will be a little fog this morning

A little sun in the morning

It's not muggy anymore ~

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