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The vehicle is out of control in rainy days! They are the culprits

2021-08-28 12:18:33 Oriental Information automobile

Recently, precipitation has surged across the country , Many areas have been hit by heavy rain , In serious cases, it will not only affect state property , It will also endanger our life safety and vehicle safety , Don't think it's safe when the rain is light , As long as there is water on the road, driving safety will be affected , If the speed is too high, it is very likely that the vehicle will lose control , In fact, it is not only the speed that causes the vehicle to lose control in rainy days .

The culprit is the slippery road in rainy days , That is to say, the road surface wetted by rain will become more slippery , The fundamental reason is that the friction coefficient of pavement is reduced by rainwater , The lower the coefficient of friction, the worse the grip of the tire , When making a sharp turn or braking , Vehicles are extremely prone to accidents .

Except pavement , Tires will also affect the driving safety of the vehicle , The tread pattern provides the vehicle with grip and friction , as time goes on , The tyre tread will gradually wear out 、 Tire rubber will also gradually age , The overall performance is gradually decreasing . More importantly, the tire pattern also plays a role in drainage , Tire drainage is a very important performance , Water on the road will enter the pattern gap of the tire , If the accumulated water is not discharged in time, a water film will be formed on the tire surface , It is an exaggeration to say that the tire in this case is in a suspended state, and the performance is greatly reduced , This situation is what we often call water sliding phenomenon .

Water slide is definitely a very dangerous phenomenon , This will increase the braking distance of the vehicle , If the vehicle runs too fast, the vehicle will lose control . Another dangerous situation belongs to the vehicle brake disc , The principle is similar to water skiing , Water film also appeared, but the object was replaced by brake discs and brake pads , This situation will seriously affect the braking performance of the vehicle , This is why the vehicle needs to brake continuously and quickly after wading , In order to evaporate the water film through friction , Ensure the braking performance of the vehicle .

The treatment method is in terms of the coefficient of friction of the pavement , This is an unchangeable thing , But the situation can be improved by tires . Generally speaking, it is the drainage of tires 、 Grip 、 Wetland handling these three properties are the most important , Take the leap red rabbit tire, which has four longitudinal main grooves , The number of longitudinal main grooves represents the strength of tire drainage , The asymmetric pattern design makes the tire more grip 、 Better handling , The performance of asymmetric pattern is more comprehensive than that of symmetrical pattern .

As a tool, tire can improve driving safety under objective conditions , But what is more important is the driver's driving operation , Brakes 、 Make a sharp turn 、 Speeding 、 Wrong use of lights and other dangerous operations will increase the incidence of accidents . Summary with the development of science and Technology , The safety of vehicles is gradually improving , The accident rate should also gradually decline , But in fact, the incidence has been high , The fundamental problem is the driver himself . Concentrate on driving , Distracted driving is difficult to grasp the rapidly changing road conditions , It's easy to have traffic accidents , In rainy days, you need to slow down , The faster the speed is, the more serious the water slide is , The accident will be more tragic .

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